10 Signs You Are Dating An Aries And Loving (Mostly) Every Second Of It

An Aries
/ Holly Riordan

1. They take you on spontaneous adventures. Instead of planning out traditional dates that includes dinner and a movie, they will take you on hikes, to the racetrack, and to tattoo parlors. They might even try to convince you to go ziplining and bungee jumping and sky diving. The more extreme the activity sounds, the more they want to do it.

2. They curse like a sailor. Out of nowhere, they explode. When they are pissed at something, whether it is traffic or their parents or the way someone at work talked down to them, they flip the fuck out. But only for a few minutes. As soon as they let all of their rage out, they cool down and are okay again.

3. They make rash decisions. Aries are impulsive, so they might surprise you with a kiss on the lips when you least expect it. With a new hair color that they decided to get at the last second. Or with a brand new puppy that they didn’t even discuss adopting with you beforehand.

4. They speak their mind. If you look hot in your new jeans, they will tell you. If you look like a douchebag in your new sunglasses, they will tell you. They are brutally honest. They never utter a lie, because they don’t see the point in pretending.

5. They get bored easily. Aries feel restless if they get stuck in the same routine for too long. When that happens, they will want to take you on a vacation. See new parts of the world. Explore something new with you by their side. They will bring you to places you never thought you’d go.

6. The sex is amazing. They are adventurous enough to have sex in the backseat of cars, on top of kitchen counters, and inside of bathroom stalls. Whatever you want to try, they will give it a chance.

7. They work their ass off. They might not spend as much time with you as they wish they could, because they will be stuck at work late at night. They will be putting in the hours needed to land a promotion. The thing is, Aries are dedicated. They never give up. Expect them to talk about their job a lot.

8. They are more comfortable when they are in charge. Even though they would love for you to plan out fun dates once in a while, they prefer to be the ones planning. They want to pick the places to go and the times to be there. If they want something done right, they do it themselves. They prefer to lead than to follow.

9. They are stubborn AF. When they get an idea in their head, they refuse to abandon it. They think that they always know better. That their way is the right way. That is why it might take them a little longer than it should to say sorry. 

10. They love you with all of their heart. Aries are passionate. They always give 100%. If they love you, then they will do everything within their power to keep your relationship strong, to give you daily reminders of how crazy they are about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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