Girls Who Always Stay Single Actually Love Themselves The Most

Single Girl
Unsplash / Pete Bellis

Single girls don’t spend every waking moment moping around, wishing they had someone to call their own. They realize that they don’t need a relationship in order to be happy, to feel fulfilled, or to look successful.

They never let their self-worth depend on a boy. Sure, they might get upset when someone forgets to text them back or cancels on their plans or leaves them high and dry — but it doesn’t ruin their entire week. It doesn’t make them question their own worth. It doesn’t trick them into believing that they deserved to be treated that way.

Girls who are always single don’t need a compliment from a guy in order to feel like they look pretty that day. They don’t need a relationship status in order to feel like they are important. They don’t need male attention in order to feel validated.

Whether they have been single for two months or for two years, they never wonder if they are the problem. They know they are a catch. So when someone breaks their heart, they believe that it is his loss. His mistake.

These girls love themselves, but that doesn’t mean they are blind to their flaws. They realize that there are parts of their personality that they could improve. They understand that they are a work in progress. They aren’t under the impression that they are perfect — but they know they are worth it.

They know that a boy who lies and cheats and plays the field is beneath them. That they have earned someone who is honest, trustworthy, smart, funny, and strong. Someone who they can be proud to call their boyfriend. Someone they can say was worth the long wait.

Until they find someone like that, these girls aren’t embarrassed to admit that they are still single. Instead of feeling weird about not having anyone to hold close at night, they are proud that they have accomplished so much without anyone’s hand to hold. They are proud that they have created a successful life all on their own.

To them, being single isn’t a punishment. It isn’t a sign that they are doing worse than their friends who are already married.

Being single doesn’t mean they are any less beautiful or intelligent or interesting than other girls. It only means that they haven’t found the right person yet.

That’s the thing about girls who are always single. They refuse to settle when they have so much to offer, when their hearts are bursting with love to give.

They are going to hold out for the person that fits them perfectly, because they don’t have time to waste on the wrong person. Because toxic relationships are worse than being single. Because they aren’t going to change their status unless they have a good reason, since they are happy the way things are.

Despite what some people assume, girls who are always single aren’t insecure. They don’t hate themselves for being unlovable and lonely. The truth of the matter is they love themselves so much that they won’t settle for anything less than they deserve. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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