Date The Boy Who Makes You Feel Like You’re Worth Something

A girl who sees her worth
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Don’t date the boy who ruins every good mood that you get in. The boy who always has something negative to say to make you less excited about that thing you were dying to tell him, that thing you were so proud of until he gave you a reason to shrug it off instead.

Don’t date the boy who puts you down every chance he gets. The boy who tells you not to get your hopes up before going on a job interview and points out all of the reasons why your big dreams are unrealistic.

Don’t date the boy who tells you that you would look better if you dyed your hair blonde or lost a little weight. The boy who stares at other girls so much that you wonder why he is even with you at all.

Date the boy who makes you feel like you’re worth something. The boy who will tell you to stop talking about yourself like that whenever you mention how you hate your boobs or butt or stomach. The boy who reminds you of how much you mean to him whenever you have a rough day, whenever you need to be cheered up.

Date the boy who gets annoyed whenever you say that you can’t do something or that you aren’t good enough. The boy who gets frustrated whenever you say you look ugly. The boy who hates how you see yourself, because it isn’t accurate at all. Because he wishes you realized how amazing you really are.

Date the boy who talks you up to his friends. The boy who brags about you to his family. The boy who mentions you to every coworker, because you’re the first thing he wants to talk about.

Date the boy who sits there while you have a panic attack or a bout of depression, and instead of judging you, he tells you how strong you are for making it through. He reminds you that you aren’t a downer or a bother. You are someone he is happy to have in his life.

Date the boy who looks you in the eyes and tells you how beautiful you are — without you having to fish for compliments by asking if he likes your new dress or the way you did your hair. The boy who couldn’t hold himself back from loving you even if he tried.

Date the boy who encourages you to follow your dreams, even when you feel like quitting. When you feel like the finish line is too many miles away. When you want to settle for an easier life, a safer one, with less risks. Date the boy who believes in you even more than you believe in yourself. The boy who says he knows you can do it — and actually means every word.

Date the boy who never gives you the chance to feel like a failure or a burden. The boy who make you feel like you’re actually worth something. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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