Date A Girl Who Gives A Shit

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Date a girl who gives a shit about you. Who gets annoyed when you take too long to answer a text message, because she is dying to hear back from you. Who rearranges her schedule in order to stop by your house over the weekend, because she can’t stand the thought of going that long without seeing you. Who makes you feel loved at all times, because she puts in actual effort.

Date a girl who gives a shit about her family. Who flips out on the cashier who was rude to her mother. Who spends hours searching for the perfect birthday present for her father. Who can tell the same story about her little cousin again and again, because she never gets bored of talking about him.

Date a girl who gives a shit about her friends. Who will drop everything she is doing when one of them goes through a breakup and needs to vent. Who will let them stay the night, no questions asked, when they’re too drunk to get home. Who will treat them like her own family, her own sisters.

Date a girl who gives a shit about animals. Who pets every dog that walks past her on the street. Who spends more time with the kittens at the party than with the other people. Who wishes she could adopt all of the strays that need a new home.

Date a girl who gives a shit about little things. Who refreshes a page ninety times to get tickets to see her favorite band. Who gets childishly excited whenever her favorite show comes on and flips out when a news broadcast cuts into it. Who screams at the television when her favorite Survivor contestant gets booted off the island and cheers when they have the votes to stay.

Date a girl who gives a shit about her career. Who spends extra hours in the office because she actually enjoys what she does for a living. Who hates taking a day off because she doesn’t want to miss a moment. Who comes home and tells you all about her day, every tiny detail, because she is excited about what she has accomplished.

Date a girl who gives a shit about humanity. Who will offer her wallet to a stranger at the grocery store if they are a dollar short. Who will donate her old clothes and books and toys to charity. Who will cry openly during sad movies because she isn’t ashamed to show that she has a heart.

Date a girl who gives a shit about herself. Who takes care of her mind by going to therapy and her body by going to the gym. Who keeps her standards high, because she knows how much she deserves from this life. Who stands up for herself when someone, even you, tries to tear her to pieces.

Date a girl who has her own opinions and speaks her mind freely. A girl who doesn’t care if you disagree with her, because she isn’t trying to please you. She is trying to be authentic. She is trying to be her true self. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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