This Is Why Sarcastic Girls Are Secretly The Sweetest Girls You’ll Ever Meet

Sarcastic girl
Unsplash / Ian Dooley

Sarcastic girls can come across as heartless. As cold. As cruel. They might look like they don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything — but that is far from the truth.

If anything, they care a little too much. When something bothers them, they have a hard time letting it go. They think about it every night and day. They might not verbalize their pain, but it will linger inside of them, tearing them apart.

Of course, nobody else notices this. Everyone thinks that they are perfectly fine. That they can handle anything the world throws at them, because they are the definition of strength.

Even though sarcastic girls look like they have it all together, in truth, they have paper thin hearts. If something is bothering them, they have trouble having a serious conversation about it. That is why they turn everything into a joke.

If they act like their parents getting divorced or their teacher flunking them or their pet dying is an entertaining story to tell over dinner, then no one will pity them. No one will realize that they are secretly suffering. Everyone will assume that they are handling things well, that they have a good head on their shoulders.

Sarcastic girls are able to laugh at themselves, which is something that most people have trouble doing. They are able to talk lightheartedly about problems that most people would break down in tears about.

However, some of those things they say aren’t exactly jokes. There is a layer of seriousness behind them. There is truth hidden in between their sentences.

If they joke about how they have no friends, joke about how they are going to be alone forever, joke about wanting to die — then there is probably a part of them that actually feels that way. There is a part of them that is reaching out for help.

Everyone thinks that sarcastic girls are perfectly fine, because they have mastered the charade of putting on a smile and laughing off their pain. But really, they need someone there for them who will see through their act. Someone who will realize that they aren’t as okay as they are pretending to be. Someone who will remind them that everything is going to work out in the end.

Sarcastic girls are strong enough to get through their worst days with a smirk, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to trudge along alone. It doesn’t mean they don’t need any help.

Even though they might not look like it, sarcastic girls are actually the sweetest people you will ever meet. They might lovingly call you an asshole or a bitch, they might jokingly say that you’re stupid and annoying — but in their world, that’s a compliment. That’s their way of telling you how much they love you, because it’s hard for them to be vulnerable. It’s hard for them to wear their heart on their sleeve.

It’s easier for them to express their emotions through sarcasm. It’s easier for them to show affection through their jokes. It’s easier for them to show you how much they care by causing you to crack a smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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