This Is What ‘Good Sex’ Means Because It’s More Than Just Making Her Moan

Girl about to have good sex
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Good sex happens when you’ve been waiting for it. When you spend the entire day flirting and sexting and suffering through intense sexual tension. When you feel like you can’t go another second without reaching over and ripping the other person’s clothes off.

Good sex happens when you let it occur naturally. When you listen to your body instead of marking romance down on a calendar. When you bang your person on top of the kitchen counters or in the middle of the car instead of waiting to do it in the bedroom like usual.

Good sex happens when you are living in the moment. When you aren’t glancing at the clock every five seconds, waiting for it to be over so you don’t miss the start of a show or end up late for work. When you go with the flow instead of being distracted by all of the other things that you could be doing.

Good sex happens when you actually pay attention to the other person. When you know their body well and have their hot spots memorized. When you know which moves make the moan the loudest and cum the hardest.

Good sex happens when you stay open-minded. When you don’t have your heart set on doing the same exact thing each time. When you are eager to try new toys, new positions, new costumes, new anything.

Good sex happens when you are on the same page. When you both want the same things and aren’t just doing them because you feel pressured, because you want to seem cool, because you want to look sexy. When you actually agree on what should and shouldn’t happen in the bedroom.

Good sex happens when you establish open communication. When you aren’t afraid to tell the other person when a certain position isn’t working for you or when you need to take a break and have them do the work. When you are honest with them about what’s turning you on and what’s only turning you off.

Good sex happens when you keep everything equal. When you give just as much as you get. When you go down on your person after finishing first instead of rolling to your side of the bed and falling asleep while they’re left feeling unsatisfied.

Good sex happens when you’re dying to have it. When you aren’t second guessing whether or not you’re making the right decision. When you’re positive you won’t regret it in the morning. In fact, you would only regret it if you let the moment pass you by.

Good sex happens when you are both comfortable with each other. When you aren’t worried about the way that your stomach sticks out or whether your moans sound sexy enough. When you don’t feel the need to turn the lights off or keep your top on.

Good sex happens when you feel confident, because your partner keeps looking at you like you’re the hottest thing in the universe.

Good sex is when you enjoy every second of the experience — not just the release at the end. It’s when you don’t regret a minute of your time spent with that person — and would do it all over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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