This Is How To Treat A Girl Who Is Used To Disappointment

Girl used to disappointment
Unsplash / Courtney Clayton

Treat her with fragile hands. Understand that it is going to take her a while to fully let you into her world. At first, she is going to be wary about handing her heart to someone new. She is going to hesitate to spend time with you, to tell you her secrets, to let you get close.

She has been disappointed too many times before, so she is going to want to make sure that you are the real deal before she puts all of her faith in you. She is going to be careful, because she has been careless in the past and it only ended in heartache.

Treat her with kindness. Instead of acting like she is some sort of backup plan, place her as a first priority. Show her that you enjoy spending time with her by giving her your all. Answer her texts. Ask her out on dates. Keep all of your promises. Make time for her, even if it’s hard.

Never keep her waiting or wondering where you stand. The boys that have disappointed her in the past have left texts unanswered and canceled plans, so don’t follow in their footsteps. Show her that you are different.

Treat her with patience. Let her know that it is okay if she wants to wait to say those three little words or to sleep with you. Let her know that she can take as much time as she needs. Let her know that you want her to feel completely comfortable and would never pressure her into doing something she isn’t ready for.

If you rush her, you are going to chase her away. You are going to scare her into staying single. Remember, she isn’t taking things slow because she still isn’t sure about you. It’s because she is worried about how much she likes you.

Treat her with respect. Respect her body. Respect her time. Respect her privacy. Respect when she asks for a day to herself, free from socializing. Respect when she sits you down and wants to have a talk with you about your relationship. Respect her, no matter the situation, no matter what mood you are in.

Take her seriously, even when you think she’s overreacting over something silly. If you act like her emotions are a joke, then she isn’t going to stay with you. She needs someone who respects her thoughts, her opinions, and her boundaries.

Treat her with love. Tell her how much you like being around her. Show her how much you care about her. Make it clear that you are serious about her, that you are ready to commit to her and leave the single life behind.

Give her kisses. Send her mornings texts. Surprise her with stupid little gifts. Put in effort to prove that you aren’t going anywhere, that she can trust you to stay.

Treat her with as much compassion as you can, because she is used to disappointment, and she doesn’t want to go through it again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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