The Strongest Girls Will Let Their Guard Down For Love

A strong girl letting her guard down
Unsplash / Marcelo Matarazzo

Yes, she has been hurt in the past. Yes, she is terrified of it happening again in the future. But she never lets the fear of the unknown, of the possibility of having her heart shredded to pieces, stop her from doing what she wants to do.

If she likes someone, she is going to pursue them, because she believes they both deserve the chance to see what happens. And if she falls in love, she is going to embrace the new feelings — the frogs in her throat and the butterflies in her stomach.

She is a dreamer. A risk taker. A closet romantic.

Like anyone else, she keeps her guard up for as long as she can, because she knows how toxic the wrong boys can become. She realizes that most of the time, it’s better for her to keep her heart locked, away from reach.

But she isn’t opposed to the idea of a relationship. Although she is going to be cautious at first, as soon as she realizes a certain person is worth taking a shot on, she is going to jump right in. She is going to give the relationship her all.

She isn’t going to let one poisonous experience with love taint the rest of her life. She is not going to let her ex get the satisfaction of ruining her future relationships.

She is strong enough to break down her walls for the right person. To risk getting hurt by fully allowing someone else inside of her heart — because she realizes a relationship will never last if it is filled with hidden pasts and half-truths and two people who refuse to expose their authentic selves.

And she is smart enough to see that her openness will end in one of two ways — either this person will become her future husband or he will one day walk away with all of her secrets.

But love is a risk. Relationships are a risk. Being vulnerable is a risk. Being human is a risk.

She is strong enough to let her guard down for love. She realizes it takes more courage to admit what she wants than to convince the world that she doesn’t want it.

She would rather be disappointed about a relationship ending than spend her time wondering what could have happened if she gave some boy a shot. She would rather regret the things she actually did than the things she wish she had done.

Besides, she believes it is better to be honest with herself than to pretend that she is a robot, that she is better off alone, that she doesn’t give a fuck about anyone or anything else.

She doesn’t want to train herself to become a fraud. To push the thoughts of a certain boy away. To lie to her friends about how that boy means nothing to her.

She wants to stay true to herself, even if it hurts.

She is strong enough to admit when she has feelings for someone who fits her perfectly — and to act on those feelings, despite the pain they could bring. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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