Girlfriends Ranked Best To Worst At Oral, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

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1. Capricorn

Capricorns pay close attention to what makes you get harder and softer — and they use that information to their advantage. They’ll quickly learn which way you prefer them to lick your shaft, how gently you want them to cup your balls, and what speed you want them to bob their head. Whatever you want, they’ll do it.

2. Gemini

This sign likes to tease. They will build up your pleasure by rubbing you through your clothes, kissing on your thighs, and waiting until you beg them for more. It will take them a while to go from foreplay to actual action, but the buildup will cause the strongest orgasm of your life.

3. Leo

Leos like to show off their body, which means that whenever they go down on you, you’re going to get a show. Not only will you get turned on by the way that their tongue is moving against you, but you’ll also be turned on by the way they look. By the way they glance up at you, remove their top, or touch themselves.

4. Aries

Aries are adventurous and get bored rather quickly, which means they are going to be unpredictable. They aren’t going to use the same moves over and over again. They’re going to switch things up to keep themselves entertained — and to keep you at maximum pleasure.

5. Virgo

Since Virgos are people pleasers, they get a thrill out of giving oral. And when they are excited about going down on you, it makes you more excited about it. Their passion is sexy AF.

6. Scorpio

Scorpios are fearless. They will go down on you in the middle of a drive or drag you into a bathroom at a party and pleasure you right then and there. Sometimes, they can move a little too fast and get a little sloppy, but their readiness to get dirty anywhere makes up for it.

7. Pisces

If this sign stuck to the basics, they would be fine — but they always want to show off. So they listen to wild advice from their friends and from unrealistic pornos. They go overboard when all it really takes to give a good blowjob is the simple things.

8. Libra

Libras aren’t the type to get on their knees while you’re out in public or unzipper you the second you get home from work. But if you can get them in the mood for oral in a safe, comfortable space like the bedroom, you’ll find out that they know what they’re doing. They’re skilled in all things sexual. They just need to be in the right state of mind for it.

9. Cancer

Cancers are born romantics, so sometimes they take things a little too slow. Sometimes, they are a little too gentle. They don’t want to hurt you, and they’re the most comfortable with routine, so what you experience the first time will probably happen every time after that. They stay consistent. Predictable.

10. Taurus

This sign tends to overthink. So if oral takes longer than it usually does, they’ll start to freak out and wonder what they’re doing wrong and if you find them unattractive. When they relax, they’re actually really good at what they do. But they get stuck in their own head too often and overthink things, which ruins the mood for both of you.

11. Sagittarius

It’s not that this sign is selfish — but they care about their own pleasure. They don’t want sex to be one-sided. That means that they won’t go down on you all that often, unless you initiate it. And when that happens, they’ll probably ask to 69 or expect you to go down on them right after to return the favor. If they give, they want to get.

12. Aquarius

This sign doesn’t want to be stuck doing all the work. It’s tiring. It hurts their jaw. It gets boring. They would rather have sex than get stuck going down on someone for too long, so they try to avoid giving oral whenever possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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