Stay Single Because It’s Better Than Accepting Half-Ass Love

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It’s better to save your love for someone who truly deserves it than to put all of your effort into a boy who is only willing to meet you halfway.

It’s better to keep your weekends free than to wonder if he’s going to follow through on his plans with you or if he’s going to ditch you for a better opportunity.

It’s better to take a break from relationships for a while than to waste all of your time examining his mixed signals to figure out how he secretly feels about you.

It’s better to erase him from your contact list than to get a surprise text from him every few months asking you to hang out because he supposedly misses you.

If he loved you the way you were meant to be loved, then he would never have to say that he missed you over a message. Instead of giving you that pseudo compliment, he would show up at your front door with pizza. He would be present. He would fucking be there.

As much as you love his flirting and flattery, it isn’t enough. It isn’t enough to like your Instagram photos. It isn’t enough to text you at two in the morning. It isn’t enough to start something casual with you without going all the way.

Stay single, because a guy who honestly cares about you would never make you wait on a text or a call or a relationship label. He would never settle for an almost or sometimes, because he’d want an always.

Stay single, because a relationship shouldn’t be a competition of who can care less. It should be a chance for you two to act vulnerable with each other. A chance for you to show your authentic selves.

Stay single, because you deserve someone who goes out of his way to see you and set up dates for you. Someone who will put in actual effort instead of trying to cruise through the relationship.

Stay single, because you shouldn’t have to pull answers out of him. You shouldn’t have to drop a million hints to convince him to buy you flowers or take you to the movies. You shouldn’t have to coach him on how to treat you right.

He should want to spoil you. He should want to see your smile. He should want to be the best boyfriend he can be, because he knows you’re the best girlfriend he could get.

If he fails to put effort into the relationship, but accepts all of the love you throw his way, then you’re getting the shitty side of the deal. You’re getting royally ripped off.

Stay single, because you aren’t the only one who should care about whether the relationship falls apart or lasts. You shouldn’t feel like you’re the one who loves more.

Stay single, because you deserve more than half-ass effort. You deserve someone’s whole heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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