She Lost Her Friends Because She Decided To Date You

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She chose to stay in a toxic relationship for longer than she should have. And that one decision led to the destruction of everything good in her life.

She lost the best friends she never thought a boy would be able to get in the middle of. She lost the family members who would have taken a bullet for her. She lost the happy, sweet, carefree person she used to be.

And it all happened because she fell for a boy with no respect for her. A boy who made her cry and then lied about his forgiveness. A boy who wanted her all to himself, who wanted her to feel like she needed him to breathe. Like he was the only thing that mattered in her world.

She lost friends by defending you. By getting offended whenever someone called you out on the fact that you were acting like an asshole. By being so blinded by her feelings for you that she assumed those friends — who only wanted what was best for her — were secretly jealous.

Not only did you pull her away from the friends who loved her the most, but you also tore her away from her closest family members. They begged her to break up with you. Tried to make her see reason. Hoped she would end the relationship before the emotional violence turned physical.

But instead of realizing the truth, she stayed lost in a fantasy.

Instead of getting mad at you, she got mad at her family for not supporting her relationship. For not trusting her to know what was best.

She was so intent on staying with you that she refused to look at the situation logically. She turned her head away from all the red flags. She let your shitty ways rub off on her.

She stopped caring about the things that mattered most to her because of you. Because you zapped up so much of her time and energy.

How could she focus on her classwork when the fight you had the night before kept playing in her head? How could she concentrate on impressing her boss when she was distracted by your texts calling her a whore?

You pulled her away from a world of happiness. From the life she used to lead before you walked in and stole her heart.

And no, you’re not the only one responsible. She chose to be with you. She chose to pick you over everyone else.

But that’s okay, because she still has a chance to set things right. She can say goodbye to you for real this time and try to put the pieces of her life back together again.

Some friends might not want anything to do with her after being tossed to the side for a boy. But other friends will still be there, thankful that she came to her senses and decided the single life was much better than a toxic relationship.

Thankful that she finally realized a boy isn’t worth losing everything over. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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