Modern Love Should Try To Become A Little More Like Old Fashioned Love

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She doesn’t believe in most old fashioned ideas. She doesn’t believe in the boy always driving or paying for dinner. She doesn’t believe in the girl being forced to stay home and take care of all the housework.

But she wishes that some old fashioned ideas still remained. She wishes that a boy would walk her to her front stoop and kiss her goodnight instead of texting her an hour later to see if she made it home safe.

She wishes a boy would give her a promise ring instead of clicking a few buttons to change his relationship status on Facebook.

She wishes a boy would ask her to go steady instead of entering an almost relationship with her and making her guess where she stands.

She wishes a boy would show up with flowers during the first date and take her to the movies or to a diner to share a milkshake, instead of lazily inviting her over to his apartment and trying to have sex with her three seconds after they share their first kiss.

She wishes a boy would dress up for their dates — not in a full suit, but at least in a nice button-down — instead of showing up in the same shirt that she saw him wear the day before.

She wishes a boy would look her in the eyes and embrace whatever silence happened between them, instead of staring down at his phone every time there was a lull in conversation.

She wishes a boy would plan out their date a week in advance (in person) so she had time to shower and shave and pick out a dress, instead of hitting her up at the last second over the phone and hoping that she’ll be free to hang out for a few hours.

She wishes a boy would walk up to her front door when he comes to pick her up, instead of shooting her a short text to let her know that his car is parked outside, waiting for her.

She wishes a boy would be willing to wait a while to sleep with her so that he could actually get to know her first, instead of sending dick pics and asking for nudes before they even go out on one date.

She wishes a boy would tell her how he feels about her and where he sees the relationship going, instead of leading her on for months while secretly having zero desire to take things any further with her.

She wishes a boy would put actual effort into pursuing her, instead of doing the minimum amount because he knows that if it doesn’t work out, he can always settle for the next girl that pops up on Tinder.

She wishes there were more boys who acted like gentlemen.

As much as she loves the modern world, she believes in old fashioned love. And she wishes she wasn’t the only one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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