How To Make Him Hard AF When You Are Sexting Him

Lissy Elle

Tell him that you miss him. That you wish he was there with you. That you just got out of the shower and don’t feel like getting dressed yet or that you’re all alone in bed and feel lonely.

Follow it up by sending him a sexy picture. Something you bet will make him hard, but you wouldn’t be afraid to post on Instagram. Some cleavage. Some leg. Nothing too intense. Just enough to make him want more.

Hint at the fact that you want him. Mention that you need a massage. That you’re wearing new underwear. That he hasn’t left your mind all evening. Then let him do the rest. Let him turn the conversation sexual, so it seems like it was his idea.

Wait for his questions about what you would be doing if you two were together. About what exactly makes you miss him as much as you do.

Feel free to tell him the truth. Tell him about the fantasies you have of him when it’s late at night and you’re touching yourself under the covers. Tell him about that kiss you keep replaying in your head again and again because it gives you butterflies every time.

Drown him in dirty compliments. Tell him how good his lips feel against your hips. How his eyes look sexy as fuck when he’s turned on. How just the sound of his voice makes you wet.

Then you can create a scenario, explain what you would do if you were in the same room together.

Explain how you would push him onto the bed and straddle him, pressing your lips against his while you move against his crotch. Talk about how you would let your hands wander across his cheeks, down his chest, toward his jeans.

And tell him what you want him to do. Tell him that you want his hands to tug on your hair. Pin down your wrists. Squeeze your ass. Curl around your neck.

Make the scene as detailed as possible. As sexual as possible.

Just make sure that you tease him. That you don’t give him what he wants too soon.

Talk about how you would grind against his cock, but not unzip his jeans yet. Or how you would lift your dress above your head, but keep your bra and underwear on. Or how you would get down on your knees and stare up at him while getting ready to suck him, but only kiss around his thighs for now.

Make him suffer. Make him want more.

And when you feel like he’s ready to beg for your body, you can finish the scene. Talk about licking around his head and sucking on his balls while your hands move up and down his shaft. Or about slipping him inside of you and riding him while his fingers dig into your waist, while his breath hits your chest, while his tongue circles your tits.

Talk about how you want his cum slipping down your throat or how you want to feel him orgasm while he’s inside you. How you know it will make you orgasm too because he looks so fucking sexy when he’s underneath you.

And don’t forget to let him know how wet you are. Let him know you’re touching yourself, too. Let him know you want him to cum from thinking about you.

And then it will happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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