25 People On The Creepy Occurrence That Scared Them Shitless

Beware: These creepy stories from Ask Reddit might make you fear for your life.
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1. We found mysterious marks hidden inside of our car

“A few weeks ago this happened.

I drove back home to my parent’s house to stay over the weekend. I arrived around 630pm and I parked my car outside the house by the street. Usually a lot of people pass by not that much at night.

My car is a new Honda Civic, I got last March. I always take it to the carwash before I go to my parents house every weekend. Nobody else but me has been in it because the last time I had family on my last car, they kinda wrecked the insides.

I go to my room, I play an emulated PS2 game with my brother back in our childhood days, it was called: The Perfect Performer, a japanese beat style game. We played for hours and realized it was 2am and we were so hungry we decided to go drive to buy food.

When we went inside our car, on the windshield, there were 2 very clear and small hand marks, side by side as if made by a small child. So, my brother told me, ‘Stroud, someone put hand marks on your windshield.’ so I’m like: ‘Fucking street kids. No worries, I’ll wipe it out.’

(Shit, I’m getting goosebumps writing this.) So off I went out and grabbed a chamois cloth and wiped it clean from the outside. When I was done, my brother said: ‘Stroud, the hand marks are inside.'” — stroud

2. A little girl ordered her dolls to cut someone’s eyes out

“When I was like 13 I was over at a friend’s house. His little sister’s room was between his and the bathroom.

So eventually, I go to the bathroom at one point and overheard his 5 (I believe) year old sister, apparently talking to one of her dolls, giving the following instructions: “And now you cut the arms off aaaand… push the eyes in so he can never ever see again. He doesn’t deserve to.”

I do hope she was talking about another doll. Freaked me the fuck out.” — thejollyden 

3. A strange man tried to abduct me as a preteen

“I was thirteen and hiking, with a friend, along a creek bed in the woods near my house. The woods were to our left and went upwards in a dramatic incline; there was a trail that led from the top to the creek and we were just about to ascend and go home as it was dusk and it always got very dark very suddenly in the low laying patch of land.

We got about halfway up and we saw a shadow ‘blocking’ the entrance. It was the figure of a person – a tall man. We both startled to a stop and laughed. The guy didn’t move. Finally he spoke – ‘Can you ladies help me find my dog? He ran into the woods.’

We look at each other and I’m thinking yeah, why not? We start walking toward him but we both suddenly start feeling weird about it. He doesn’t have a leash with him or anything and he’s still just standing there. I still can’t see his features because the sun is behind him.

We both stop and I say something like, ‘Actually, we have to go home. Sorry.’

He doesn’t move or say anything and I freak and turn around, bolting back into the woods; my friend follows.

I look back and he’s no longer blocking the way, the light illuminating where he had been. He’s not there because, I realize, he’s fucking chasing us.

I scream and run blindly forward into the woods, my friend behind me.

We ran for at least twenty minutes and eventually I can’t hear his footsteps or his breathing, which had been heavy and grunty.

We stop and pick our way out of the woods via a yard and walk home In silence.

I’m pretty sure I was almost abducted that day. I think about it often.” — BahstonKid

4. A gravestone had my exact name carved into it

“Once I googled my name and a gravestone came up with my exact name and the date of death was the exact day my father was born, weird shit.” — semajvc 

5. I lost a large chunk of time and can’t figure out where it went

“I was home for the weekend from college, which was about an hour from my parent’s place. I got a call that some friends were planning on doing something or another, so I left my parent’s house just after 9:00, no later than 9:30. When I got there, my friends were completely done with what they were doing, and were wondering where I had been. That’s when I noticed it was almost 2:00 in the morning.

The route was almost entirely country driving, without any possibility of traffic, (or at least traffic that would slow you down.) I didn’t stop for anything. To this day, I don’t know where those hours went.” — badlyso

6. Someone tried to sneak into our tent while we were camping

“We decided to have a sleepover at one of my friend’s because her parents weren’t home. We decided to camp in the backyard because it’s more fun and we can be as loud as we want without bothering the neighbors. You have to walk up on a hill to reach the end of the backyard which is separated from the forest with a tall fence.

It was around 4AM and two of us were already in the tent and were about to sleep when suddenly my friend jumped in with an empty alcohol bottle and quickly closed the tent. She put her hand in front of her mouth signaling us to stay quiet and that’s when we spot the shadow of a grown man. He went around the tent a few times then disappeared. Then someone started pulling up the tent zipper very slowly so the two of us started screaming bloody murder while the other friend who just jumped in was ready to fight the intruder with the empty alcohol bottle. The person stopped halfway then – i guess- went away. We stayed there a little still shocked from what just happened then decided to go outside to ‘investigate’ because we were those stupid white girls who dies first in horror movies.

No one was there, but the thing i still don’t understand is how the person got in? We live in a safe neighborhood, but still each houses have massive fences. Let’s say someone still decided to climb in… why would he chose a 10+ minute walk up a hill? We can’t possible be seen from down there. Or let’s say someone climbs in from the direction of the forest. We were only a meter away from the fence, and it makes a huge noise if someone tries to climb over. I’m sure there is an explanation but i still can’t fully figure out. We were around 14 when this happened.” — the-pretty-one

7. I felt myself get stabbed in the stomach

“When I was in high school I lived in a really safe neighborhood outside of a major city. Barely any crime ever occurred. One night when I was in high school I remember hearing someone open my door, walk across the room to my bed, and I felt someone stab me in the abdomen. My eyes were closed the whole time, but I still remember how badly it hurt. I woke up the next morning totally fine and chalked the whole thing up to be sleep paralysis, something I still deal with. Later on I found out that during the night, one of my neighbors had been stabbed in the stomach.” — Watermelonsourpatch

8. We saw a group of people without any features on their faces

“I’ve told this before and it always gets buried. We were driving in the mountains in Colorado with some friends on our way to a ski lodge in Telluride. On the way to our hotel we were driving up and down these winding roads deep deep in the mountains which seemed like forever. It was pitch black outside and around 3AM and we had to at least be 45ish minutes from the nearest town, and it was cold, like see your own breath below 10 degrees freezing cold. As we were driving along, my friends and I all see 4 figures walking on the road coming towards us. We all get weird feelings inside but I did especially, and the hair on my neck stood up. Something didn’t seem right. We were way too far away from a town and it was wayyy too cold for hitch hikers or hikers of any sort. We get closer and closer and as we got right next to these ‘people’ we slow down and we realized that they had NO Faces! Four people walking in the dead of the night wearing black hoods and capes like gowns and they literally had no faces. And by no faces I mean like no eyes, mouth, ears, just blank white pale faces. I’m familiar with ski masks and these were not ski masks. They had hoods on like something from Scream almost. My friends and I all freaked the fuck out speeding away, and my toughest manliest friend of us all was crying, mind you he was in his late 20s. It was the most afraid I’ve ever been and it still scares me thinking about and typing out. No idea what they were or anything. Demons maybe? It will forever be a mystery. We didn’t sleep well the next few nights/months.” — ProffesorBongsworth

9. We rented a haunted condo in Florida

“We rented a condo in some town in Florida and, in all seriousness, the room I was in was haunted. I know the majority of people on here don’t have any patience for stories like this, but there really is no other explanation for what happened. My mother is the biggest atheist/science/evidence person, and even she admits there is no explanation.

I’ll edit it with the story if anyone’s interested, but it wasn’t anything like 666 written with blood on the wall. It was more basic stuff, but when you are living in the room for a month, it definitely creeps you out.

Actually, screw it, here’s the rundown:

  • Was listening to music. Put the headphones down. Left the room. Came back, the headphones were hanging from the celling fan. The cord was completely still and not moving at all.
  • Things would constantly move around.
  • Lots of loud noises like someone was throwing something against the wall.
  • One night, tried to sleep, and heard a loud noise like above. Looked around, nothing on the ground, so tried to go back to sleep. A couple minutes later, this super loud commotion happened, and I turned on the light to see EVERYTHING on the dresser was thrown off. It was a tile floor, and the noise the nail polish made while rolling across was even more creepy.
  • We decided to lighten the mood by sitting in the room and offering the presence some cookies we bought since it was giant and brand new and we barely ate any. We were just messing around, didn’t really think anything of it. Since we were super scared at that point we didn’t sleep in the room. Woke up to see the box of cookies on the bed, open and empty, with crushed up cookies covering the room.
  • The final straw was that we were trying to sleep. There was an old TV we never used sitting on the dresser. It was dead silent, and all of a sudden I heard that high pitched noise old TVs make when turning it on. We ran out of the room and it, no kidding, turned on to static. Like the stereotypical horror movie. I timidly walked in to turn it off and never slept in that room again.-We slept on the couch for the rest of the month (So, about two weeks) and it was hunky dory once we were out of there.

I felt so unsettled in the room. I felt like someone was watching me. I hated getting changed, and the bathroom was also somewhat like this (mainly in the room, but some stuff happened in the bathroom too). Showers were awful.

I actually tried researching if these condos were built on some cemetery or something, but nothing came up. We asked the neighbors if anyone else who rented it complained, and they told us this story about how a man kept hearing a ball bounce from the apartment above. He eventually asked the people above him if they could stop, but they were never bouncing anything. Kind of a tame story, but my aunt (who was there before us, in the separate master bedroom) got pale in the face and said she heard that same ball, but it stopped once we came and started staying in that room.

So, that’s my story. Again, no one’s going to ask for the rights to make a movie, but it makes for a good story and still creeps me out.” — anevolena

10. Two men pretended to be cops and kidnapped me

“When I was about 16, two older guys bundled me into the back of a car saying they were police. They then started driving in the direction of the local hills/mountains. Luckily one of them lived beside a friend of my brothers and once he realized I knew exactly who he was the car was turned around and I was dropped back where I started.” — drumanddrummer

11. I saw a small ghost girl clutching a teddy bear

“My parents moved us to a new farm house in rural New Zealand when I was about 8. Right from the start things were not right. You could tell families with children had lived there before as there were swings in the trees and i found old toys in the gardens etc There was a very ominous presence and feeling to that place, that even I at 8 years old could feel. Firstly my mother tried to plant flowers around the house and without fail they were dead within days of planting. She tried everything to correct, from new soil to fertilizers, nothing all dead. In my playtime in the yard I started to notice all around the boundaries of the property were animal bones and carcasses, small animals like rabbits and hedgehog all scattered around the perimeter but never inside, all outside like they tried to cross the threshold and dropped dead. New Zealand is cold and my Dad loved a good fire. He would get the fireplace absolutely roaring like an inferno and the house refused to heat. Only standing directly in front of it would you feel any heat, but the wall of chilled air always felt like the more powerful force. Attached to the garage was a large playroom where naturally all my toys and belongings lived. This was the negative energy epicenter to the house. Something was defiantly in there, and it commanded my attention. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel its every move, and it was angry. The energy felt like a wild animal pacing back and forth at one end of the room, and if I kept to the other end it was manageable, and almost calmed down as long as I kept my distance. In one corner of its end of the room was a large stain on the carpet tiles, with a 3-4ft radius. It was dark in color and looked like it had tried to be cleaned with mop as it had smears through it. When ever I got too close to that stain there was a crushing sense of being watched and being looked down upon.

So one clear cold night, I woke up wide awake, and sat up in bed. My room was right at the end of the hallway, the final destination so to speak if you were walking down there, and I heard the light footsteps of a child running excitedly. As I heard this I looked to my left at the doorway, and there she was. A small girl, of roughly 4-5 years old (at a guess). She had her hair in pigtails and her top half looked to be in a singlet that a young girl would wear to bed and she was clutching a teddy bear, and from just below her waist she faded into a beautiful light blue shimmering mist, that I remember subtly illuminated my room. This young girl filled me with the most serene sense of calm, I was not scared or alarmed at all, she kind of had me locked in a trance staring at her. She had worry on her face though and looked as though she was afraid of being caught with me. In my catatonic state I managed to utter what I can only remember as some sort of greeting, and as soon as I did she recoiled like a shy child does when being greeted by someone new and strange. She moved back into the doorway of the room and faded until the blue mist turned to darkness again. I lay down again in complete peace and drifted to sleep.

Talking about it years later to my family, I feel like something happened to that girl in that playroom, and maybe she tried to reach out to me, as I was also a child, in her domain. It remains my absolute clearest memory to this day.” — -castle-bravo-

12. They starved a man to death and were relieved when he died

“Back story, worked in home healthcare for a bit and was taking care of someone that was bedridden. Hospice workers put him in his bed and hooked him up with morphine. It was of mine and my wife’s (she also looked after him when I was off, I did the graveyard shift) opinion this was completely out of line and unnecessary. He was never in pain and could speak fairly coherently, but because he had trouble swallowing a pill once, they called Hospice and put him on his literal deathbed.

They basically starved him to death for what felt like 2 weeks but can’t remember. I was only allowed to swab his lips with water. The night of his passing, he was absolutely unable to move and communicate except for screams of pain, maybe from hunger but I’m not sure. I was told to give him one button press of morphine if he screams. Later on, I peeked into his room and saw him looking up and pointing at something. An hour later, he stopped breathing.

His family came, and they were basically overjoyed. One of them said under her breathe “finally…” This part just made me incredibly angry. I just witnessed someone literally starve to death and I was new so this shook me to the core. Never will I do this line of work again, families can be truly evil.” — tpolaris

13. I lived inside of a dream for ten years

“I lived in a dream for 10 years. Finished uni. Got married. Had 2 kids. When I finally died in my dream, (heart attack) I woke up. It was so real and I was sad for quite a while because I fell in love with my wife and then found out she didn’t exist. My 2 kids were also great; 2 boys named Noah and Ryan. Twins who were 2 when I died. This happened last year to me when I was 14. I searched it up and people have experienced it before (there was actually some guy on reddit as well who experienced it) but it’s rare. Doctors said it didn’t mean anything and that it didn’t cause any damage whatsoever. This happened in a 1 night period but it felt like 10 years I wasn’t actually asleep for 10 years.” — Evilldeadd

14. I bumped into a man with black eyes

“I remember this guy from high school, had green eyes. knew him from yr 7 to yr 10, used to play soccer/handball lunchtimes with us — cool guy. He mentioned he was leaving year 10. anyway on the last day of year 10 when we were handing our books back I suddenly bumped into him….We looked at each other for a good 5 seconds and walked in opposite direction not saying a word, both startled — his eyes were black.” — razormane1

15. I received phone calls from my house while no one was inside

“Many moons ago, while my family was away on vacation I was alone and hallucinating something awful one night (I wasn’t on anything), so I went to go stay at a friend’s house down the road. While at his house, around 3am, I ended up receiving several blocked phone calls on my mobile phone – when I answered the person on the other side did not say anything, just breathing. A few weeks later I decided to check my phone bills, and discovered the calls came from my home phone. I guess there was an unknown human inside the house. I never did report it, but I don’t think I slept much for months after. Nothing was missing from the house.” — eatingabutt

16. The house next door was 100% haunted

“When I was growing up, my next door neighbors had a son that was about 6 years younger than me, and his parents would often hire me to babysit while they went to casino or something. This really just meant that he and I would stay up late playing video games and I would make sure he didn’t choke to death or burn the house down.

One night, it was about 3 AM, he was asleep, and his parents home yet. Suddenly, I heard all of the pots and pans in the kitchen (they had decorative ones hanging from the ceiling) started banging like crazy. As soon as I opened his bedroom door (which opens right into the kitchen), the sound stops immediately. I checked to make sure nobody was in the house, and that his parents weren’t home, and there was nobody but he and I in the house. This happened 2 more times that night.

On another occasion, they invited me over to hang with the family as they had all the cousins, aunts, and uncles over for a birthday party. Me and his cousins were chilling in his bedroom when the smoke alarm goes off. I went into the kitchen to see the electric burner on the stove was turned on high, and I just assumed one of the adults used it to light their cigarette and forgot to turn it off. I turned off the burner and turned off the smoke alarm. Nobody went in or out of his bedroom, nobody went in or out of the kitchen, and the smoke alarm went off again. The same burner was turned on high, and nobody touched it.

There have been other experiences by myself and other members of their family, but here’s what really creeped me out…

After I graduated high school, I ran into one of my classmates and we were catching up on stuff with each other since graduation. He asked if I still lived at the same house (I had never invited him over, and I didn’t know he knew where I lived). He told me that he lived next door whenever we were moving in, but the moved out about the same time.

Then he asked me something that I was not at all expecting.

He said, ‘Hey, is my old house still haunted?’

Up until this conversation, I had never told him ANYTHING about the experiences I had at that house, and it really changed my perspective about those experiences since a truly neutral and uninformed party had experienced the same weird stuff.” – Dunder_Chief1

17. I became so sick that I started to hallucinate

“When I was in my early 20’s, I had a bad case of the flu. As my temperature rose up into 104, I recall waking up in my bed which was at the top of a loft in my apartment. I would see streams of people coming up the stairs in different period attire addressing me. There were men, women, and children. Some spoke to me to wish me a quick recovery, but others said they would see me soon. The creepiest ones were the individuals that walked past the bed and just touched the sheets almost as you would when passing a casket at a funeral to say goodbye. Those hallucinations seemed to go on forever.” — Dklined1

18. I may or may not have been molested

“I have a odd memory of being taken to a room by my uncle. All I remember is him telling me not to tell anyone. About what, I’m not so sure now. In the past two years it has turned out that he had either raped, harassed or molested a few of the women in my extended family. When it all came out and that one memory surfaced in my head. I don’t remember him actually doing anything to me. I am male, so I don’t think he would do anything to me. I know that some people block out memories and traumatic events. So I’m not entirely sure what actually happened that day.” — SycamoreHill14

19. Sharks surrounded us during our day at the beach

“More scary than creepy. My girlfriend and I went to the beach together for summer break we were 17 at the time. We went out to the ocean she had a float she laid on and I just kind hung on to the side of the float when I looked up I saw we were pretty far from the beach so I start making my way back to the beach and dragging her little float along with me. All of a sudden I hear faint voices screaming and I look towards the beach and see these guys trying to wave at us. Everyone else is running out of the beach and they’re screaming at the top of their lungs but I can’t make what they’re saying so my gf gets out of the float and we both start dragging it along to get back faster. They guys are still going crazy, jumping up and down and then one of them puts his hand on top of his head and makes what could only be described as a fin. I now see they’re pointing and follow their finger to see a huge shark. I scream at my girlfriend and we both try to scramble up this tiny float. Eventually we get up on the float and just sit there terrified as the shark swims circles around us. The feeling of being trapped with absolutely nothing you can do is terrifying. We just floated there for a little while until I couldn’t see the shark anymore then until my balls grew back I slowly swam back to the beach. Haven’t gone out into the ocean since.” — drf129

20. A stranger watched us sleep through the window

“Me and my mom saw someone or something watching us sleep. I was about 5 or 6 years old and my mom was putting me to sleep. I fell asleep and when I woke up in the middle of the night I saw a dark figure like a man standing in front of the window. I woke my mom up almost about to cry and I was hoping it was just a tree or something because we were on the second floor of the house. But when she woke up she also saw what happened and told me to stay put and don’t move. She quickly ran to the living room because we had guests over and everyone was still up drinking. She told everyone what happened and for 3 hours everyone went out and searched around the house. What I didn’t tell her was that when she left the window started to rattle as if someone was trying to open it. I was scared and never slept on my own in that room until I was 8.” — EmperorTree

21. A man lurked around my house late at night

“I used to live out in the country and you couldn’t really see my house from the road, so you had to know where it was if you were gonna stop by. My SO at the time was stationed overseas, and I was up late studying for a test. About 11:30, my dog, a sweet and large pit bull, started barking and wouldn’t quit. Since I lived out in the boonies, I just assumed it was a deer or something. I took him outside to let him chase off whatever it was. We walked to the edge of the house and he wouldn’t leave my side, he just stayed there growling at the darkness. I was a little freaked out but whatever, I took him back inside and he started barking again. I tried to just keep studying, but about 15 minutes later, I heard what sounded like old country music coming from my back porch, then a man’s voice. This scared the shit out of me, I immediately called my friend (instead of 911) because I was still convinced I was making shit up in my head. I then turned off all of the lights in the house and took my dog to the bedroom and hid while I waited for her to come get me. The next morning we came back and there were huge boot prints all the way around the house, he was standing around the corner from where I was when I took my dog outside. I called the sheriff’s office and they came out. They told me that if my dog hadn’t sounded like he’d bite someone’s face off, whoever was there probably would have forced his way in the house. I moved into a friend’s house and found a new place to live, but in the mean time, I would go back to get things I needed. Each time I went back, something was different, a window screen was taken off the window, the deadbolt cover was broken, but as far as I know, he never went in the house and he never fucked with my SO’s car or anything else outside.” — arnebaumann

22. I watched a little girl drown

“Maybe not the creepiest but the first to pop to my head. I remember seeing a girl drowning in a pool when I was about 11.

I remember how bizarre the whole thing was because how weird it seemed to kid me at the time.

Everyone was told to get out of the pool so that the staff can convert the pool into lanes for adults and other swimmers. The lifeguard must have been overseeing the staff because I didn’t remember seeing one.

So I was just looking around the pool while they were doing this. In front of my feet as I skirted the edge of the pool, I saw this girl just suspended in the water. She looked like she was treading but underwater and her hair was all over the place. The weird thing was that she wasn’t going anywhere.

It looked controlled and peaceful but something about it was just off. So I pointed her out to someone because she wasn’t supposed to be in there.

An adult rushed over and pulled her out. In my mind she went from peacefully swimming underwater to hysterically crying when she got pulled out of there so it was pretty jarring imagery.

Like she took this big shuddering breath and then started crying. It didn’t really hit me that she was dying until I walked away from there 20 seconds later. Not the most creepy thing I witnessed but it seemed so bizarre and haunting to younger me.” — pm_me_nudes_girl_ty

23. A crazed woman showed up on our doorstep

“I was home alone with my sister. I was eleven and my sister was fourteen. We had just gotten home from school and we were new to the concept of being home alone. My younger brother had left his bike out on the stoop by our front door as he had always had a tendency to do. I was practicing piano when I heard someone knock on the door. I went downstairs and saw a woman dressed in all black with black sunglasses outside the door. I opened it and she said hello. She told me she was looking for her son and that he might possibly be playing in the neighborhood. I was confused and asked what her son’s name was. She insinuated by looking at the bike that her son might be playing with my brother, but would not give a name. I called my sister who also approached the door. The woman was very deadpan and gloomy. She just kept asking if we had seen her son. We finally were freaked out enough and slammed the door closed. I ran to a window to see what was happening outside after we had shut the door in her face. The lady stood at the door for about five mins. She didn’t move. She just stood silently. She then slowly walked to her car and got in. It was a black car. She backed out of our driveway and onto the street, where she proceeded to sit and idle for more time. I remember frantically not understanding what to do. During this time, my sister and I were scared. We knew our brother was in school still and that his bike had just been parked there. We didn’t understand who this was or what to do. We were unsure to call 911 because there were two daycare houses close to where we lived. Stupid me found my baseball bat and we sat watching her car until we saw our mother’s car approaching. When our mother’s car pulled in our driveway, her car sped off immediately. Our mom didn’t believe us when we told her about the weird encounter. I still remember how deadpan and off-putting the woman was. I don’t know what really to believe.” — loveadumb

24. I was stalked by a mountain lion

“I was stalked through the forest by a mountain lion. It was the creepiest feeling.

I was hiking some pretty fantastic trails with my dog and her hair started standing up, and she started making a barely audible growl and looking around in the woods frantically and she was stuck to me like glue.
I didn’t see anything, but decided to head back anyway.
The whole time my dog was on high alert and I just kept talking to her loudly, but I could feel my own adrenaline spiking and started getting really paranoid and felt like someone was watching me. I was pretty convinced I was going be murdered so I started walking faster, but not running.
We were nearing the entrance when I saw my dog freeze and stare intently into the woods. I followed her gaze and there was a mountain lion, slightly crouched and looking right at us. I never realized how fucking big those things are, and my stomach dropped. I backed away while facing it the rest of the way into the parking area. It didn’t move so I backed the rest of the way to my car, got my dog and myself in, and just sat there.
I called the DEP to let them know there was a mountain lion in the area…. all they said was I must’ve misidentified a deer because there’s no mountain lions in our state. They acted like I reported seeing Bigfoot.” — SingGangrene 

25. I felt like the last human on the planet

“I once made all the way home from downtown Toronto to Etobicoke without seeing a single human being.

A long time ago I had a job working for the Ministry of Natural Resources which was at Queen’s Park Toronto. Queen’s Park is where our provincial parliament is located. My job was IT working on an ancient computer that ran Fortran on punch cards, despite it being the late 80’s. I had a shift that went from 3:30 pm to 11:30. Of course there’s not a lot of people around near the end of your shift. It’s a big creepy 19th century building. From, six pm to the end of my shift I didn’t see a single person, not even a janitor or security guard, which is not unusual. Which was always a bit creepy to me, it bugged me.

At the end of my shift I had to hurry to catch the subway because in Toronto they used to shut down just before midnight on a weekday. There are a tunnels underneath Queens Park that connect it to other buildings and the subway. I took one tunnel, completely devoid of people to an automated entrance. So I saw no one on the subway including the guy in the booth. As soon as I got down to the bottom of the stair the train was already there and I just barely made what was likely the very last train.
So I never got a look at the driver, and the train was completely empty.

I never saw another person the whole trip home, including the parts of the trip where the train goes above ground. No pedestrians, no traffic in the streets, nothing. I made it all the way to Islington and I’m kinda freaking out because I’m having a ‘Last man on Earth’ kind of feel. When I got up the stairs from the platform I already missed all the last buses and the entrance booth was closed, there was no one in the station.” –Patches67 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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