13 Ways Your Boyfriend Is Ruining Your Life Without Even Trying

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1. He convinces you to change your plans. You used to dream about living down south, but your boyfriend hates the heat, so now that’s off the table. You used to be passionate about a certain career, but he encouraged you to get a real job to help pay the rent, so you gave up that too. 

2. He is quickly becoming your whole world. He pulls you away from your friends. From your family. From all of the people you used to love the most. He wants you all to himself. 

3. He discourages you. When you’re really excited about a certain song or show or even a promotion, he acts like you’re stupid for caring. He ruins everything by making you feel small, silly, inferior. 

4. He’s making you even more stressed. You don’t look forward to seeing him as much as you used to. Sometimes, you kind of dread it. You dread the misunderstandings. The silent treatments. The fights. There’s always some sort of problem with him. 

5. You’re becoming a person you don’t recognize. And the change is not for the better. You used to be an independent, upbeat, confident woman. Now you feel insecure about yourself and second guess everything you say and do.

6. He is pressuring you into a life you don’t like. Kids were never part of your plans, but he’s dying to have a baby. You feel like you’ll lose him if you don’t get pregnant, so… You decide to consider it, just for him. Even though you know being a mother would make you miserable.

7. You’ve stopped loving the things that used to make you happy. He’s made fun of your anime obsession so much that you’ve stopped watching. And he refuses to go skiing with you, so you stay home instead of going along. You’ve let him ruin your enjoyment of things. 

8. He always makes you into the bad guy. He never apologizes. He just turns the situation around and finds a way to blame you for everything that went wrong. It’s like you can never do anything right. 

9. He is selfish. He never takes your feelings into consideration. He always picks the restaurant. He always picks the movie. And he’s the only one who ever orgasms. 

10. He forces you into situations. He would never go clothes shopping with you, but he expects you to sit in the stands during his baseball games and watch him play video games with his friends. He just assumes that you love everything he loves. 

11. He treats you like his mother. You do all the cooking and cleaning. You buy the groceries and wash his dishes and do his laundry. He never volunteers to help. Even if you ask him, he’ll complain and find some way to get out of doing his fair share.

12. He’s making you go broke. He expects you to pay for every meal and every movie. And you’re the one buying the groceries and paying the rent. He has no problem mooching off of you. 

13. He takes you for granted. And his lack of effort makes you feel ugly. Unimportant. Like you don’t deserve the love he should have given you all along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly Riordan is the author of Lifeless Souls, available here.

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