This Is Why Selfish Girls Are Actually The Smartest When It Comes To Love

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This kind of girl puts herself first. She knows that she deserves the best and searches her entire life to find it.

She would never stick with a boy who treats her like crap, because she isn’t a people pleaser. She isn’t going to put all of her energy into trying to make a boy happy by dressing up for him and texting him every hour of the day — not when he doesn’t do the same for her.

She cares about her own happiness above all else. So if someone else is dragging her down, making her feel insecure about herself, and making her cry more than she smiles, she is going to stop wasting her time with that person.

She doesn’t have any desire to spend time with anyone who doesn’t want to spend time with her.

She doesn’t understand why some of her friends accept half-hearted love, because she believes that relationships should be equal. That both parties should put in the same amount of effort.

Until she finds a love like that, she’s happy on her own.

But that’s okay, because she is the kind of person who honestly doesn’t mind being single. She doesn’t care if she’s the third wheel during outings. She doesn’t care if her parents keep asking her why she hasn’t found someone yet.

As long as she’s happy with herself, a relationship doesn’t matter to her.

But don’t get her wrong, her selfishness doesn’t mean that she’s heartless, that she treats everyone that crosses her path like trash. It only means that she does what’s best for herself.

If she has to move away from her friends to follow her dreams, she will get an apartment by herself. If she has to ditch someone toxic, she will walk away without feeling any guilt.

She does what’s best for her, because she knows she has to look out for herself. Nobody else will. She’s on her own.

Of course, she’s not against the idea of a relationship. And, even though it might not seem like it at first, she makes a pretty amazing girlfriend.

Once you enter a relationship with her, she stops being selfish. She stops viewing you as two separate individuals and starts viewing you as a team.

That means that she cares what happens to you as much as she cares about what happens to her, that she considers your feelings before anything she says and does, that she puts in as much effort as she can to keep the relationship strong.

Once she decides to commit herself to you, she’s the type who will defend you during fights. Who will always choose your side. Who will stick up for you and be there for you, no matter what.

Once she sees that you have her best interest in heart, she’ll care about your happiness as much as her own. She’ll love you in a way you were always meant to be loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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