I Am The Girl You Flirt With, But Never Actually Date

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I’m the girl you start an almost relationship with, the girl you stay up until 2 in the morning texting when you’re wasted, the girl you try to hook up with without any strings attached. 

I’m the girl you run to whenever you want to feel better about yourself. When you want someone to tease you and hug you for a little too long. When you need a distraction from your fucked up life.

I’m the girl you flirt with for months, that you invite over at the last second to drink beer and bullshit about work. The girl that you only think about when you’re lonely and don’t have any better plans for the evening.

I’m the girl you aren’t afraid to cross the line with. The girl you assume you can casually kiss, maybe even sleep with, and never have to turn the friendship into something more serious.

I’m the girl you think you can take advantage of because I’m so cool, because you wrongly assume we’re on the same page. You think you can ignore my texts without pissing me off. You think you can go MIA in the middle of the week without me expecting an explanation.

I’m the girl you call sexy instead of cute. The girl you hang out with at night and never during daylight. The girl you can imagine bringing into your bedroom but not bringing home to your parents.

I’m the girl no one ever worries about hurting. The girl you think will be perfectly fine with a one-night stand instead of a serious relationship. The girl you think is incapable of heartbreak.

I’m the girl you will lead on for months and then decide to leave behind when the next person comes alone. The girl you act like you’re interested in and then get bored of out of the blue.

I’m the girl who keeps falling for the same kind of boys, thinking they have a genuine interest in me, when really all they want is my body. When they only want me for a few nights and nothing more.

I’m the girl who keeps getting screwed over, because I believe that the next time will be unlike the last. That I’ve finally found someone different.

I’m the girl who keeps getting her heart broken over and over again by boys she never even dated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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