25 Students Reveal Their High School’s Most Fucked Up Scandal

You probably hated your high school. Everyone does. But did you have any scandals that are as fucked up as these disturbing stories from Ask Reddit?
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1. A girl killed her baby and left it in a trash can

“A girl in our high school hid her pregnancy pretty well. Bigger girl that didn’t really show so nobody knew. She gave birth in a school bathroom alone, killed the baby, and put it in the trash can. The janitor found it later. It turned out that she was sexually and physically abused by her alcoholic father. The baby was his and she was terrified about what would happen to her if he found out. She was scared for her life and did not know where to turn. Terrible in every sense of the word. The only good to come from it was that her dad went to jail.” — DesignFlaw06

2. A recently fired teacher came in with an AK

“A Spanish teacher was fired on a Thursday. He came back in on Friday with a legally purchased AK in a guitar case. He went into the head mistress’s office and killed her and then shot himself. This was at a fancy Christian private school so it shocked everyone. People always worry about students shooting up schools but this time it was a teacher.” — NonsequiturSushi

3. A football player burned his house down, killing his handicapped sister

“Football player got drunk at a party, came home, put a pot of water on the stove, and passed out. The house burned down, killing the player and also his handicapped sister and her handicapped friend, who were trapped on the second floor.

Principal learns of other students who were at the party and suspends them for underage drinking, which also forbade them from playing in the last football game of the season against the rival school.

Football parents were PISSED at the principal for the decision. Also, somehow, the dead football player was labeled a ‘hero’ by some. Death really does vindicate you, even when you indirectly kill 2 handicapped people.” — fumor

4. The vice principal was murdered by her son

“1 – Vice Principal was killed by her own schizophrenic son.

2 – Security Guard caught having intimate relationships with more than one student. Caught in empty class room with female; investigation led to photos and messages between Guard and students.

3 – Obnoxious fat male student is arrested for child molestation. Bully and troublemaker is reported by children/parents for repeated attempts of molestation as Little League Coach. Proven guilty. He was a jerk.” — AdobeShinobi

5. An undercover cop tricked an Autistic kid into buying weed

“The cop specifically preyed on this autistic kid because he knew he would do things for him. The kid, who has always had issues making and keeping friends, was super excited to have one. The cop started working his bullshit and convinced the kid to ask a bunch of people in his school if they could sell him weed. The kid brought the cop a half of a fucking joint from a homeless man and got the cop a bit more one other time then refused to do it again. He just arrested the autistic kid for refusing to get him more weed. He also tried to get the kid to sell him his prescription meds which he only didn’t do because his parents keep them locked up. Absolute scum.” — InternetKingTheKing

6. A man at our school raped disabled children

“Drama Teacher and PE teacher got caught screwing each other on school premises. PE teacher was married and had also previously gotten a media teacher pregnant, also while married. Big hush-hush cover up but everybody found out within a few days, both got instantly suspended and we never heard from them again.

Oh and I obviously couldn’t go without mentioning the paedophile who raped disabled kids 5 odd years ago and a teacher who left the school a few years ago who last year was convicted of 7 counts of sexual assault on underage girls.” — whatsnewblue

7. A large group of kids committed suicide

“My school was nicknamed ‘Suicide High’ because kids kept killing themselves. They were investigating an apparent suicide cult.” — bitback

8. A parent put a bullet through our coach

“Our football coach got shot in the locker room by a disgruntled parent.” — FlamefaceStJavier

9. A girl was kicked out of school after being raped

“I went to a very religious K-12 school. A girl got pregnant and was kicked out for being sexually active despite her insisting that she’d been raped. They cited some bullshit Bible passage about how if a woman claims she was raped but didn’t call out for help that she wasn’t actually raped. Their evidence for her not calling out for help was that no one came to her aid, when obviously someone would have if she’d called out! Because apparently there’s no such thing as gags or being threatened with harm/death and there’s always someone within earshot 100% of the time.

Then a guy who was like 17 was caught having sex/statutory raping a girl who was like 12 or 13. They were both kicked out but he was eventually allowed to come back. Not her though.

That place was fucked up.” — Khanbaliq

10. The driver’s ed teacher was a pedophile

“The beloved driver’s ed teacher turned out to be a pedophile sex offender.

A 14 year old girl accused him of groping her during driving practice. No one believed her. She was bullied relentlessly in school and on social media. She ended up transferring to a different school because of it. A few months later, someone finds child porn on the teacher’s computer.

Bonus: None of this happened until after I’d already taken his class and driven with him (fortunately never completely alone). I remember one day, for some reason, he brought up hentai and Japanese fertility festivals. He told me to watch out for ‘those dirty Japs’ because they all want to rape little girls like me. Looking back on it, I cannot believe I didn’t say something. It’s crazy what kids will put up with from authority figures.” — strawberryspook

11. The preacher’s daughter got pregnant with her brother’s child

“Preacher’s daughter (13? 14?) got pregnant by her older brother. It was a whole huge scandal. A lot of people stopped going to his church. My mom tried to convince her mom to let her have an abortion (the suggestion did not go over well). She had a little (noticeable) bump and was still attending class. She said the brother raped her, and then that the brother and some of his friends all raped her. He said they’d been fooling around a while and denied it was rape. She ended up miscarrying. The preacher/father ‘retired.'” — yepanon

12. Students caught on fire after a teacher performed a banned experiment

“Graduated in 2016, had a teacher catch the classroom on fire and burn a few students, but she was doing a banned experiment, she was a cool teacher and the guy who replaced her was kinda creepy and weird.

It was scary watching a student run out of her class on fire. Was supposed to go to that class but had to go to another for quiz or something I don’t remember.” — Bobbob253

13. He murdered both of his parents

“Little backstory before the incident…

I lived in a neighborhood with a terribly tight curve, during winter months it was truly treacherous. One day I took the corner too quickly and went over the edge of the road and high centered my truck (ford ranger). A kid from high school sees me stuck and pulls over to offer his assistance. He pulls out a collapsible shovel and I use it to dig some dirt from the side of the road, and put it under my back tire for some traction on the icy road. Get truck back up on the road, thank the kid and give him his shovel back.

Roughly a week later, previously mentioned nice kid is tackled at school and arrested by local law enforcement. Apparently his parents disproved of his girlfriend and were kicking him out of the house to live on his own. He suffered from bipolar disorder and murdered both his parents, stuck them in a shed and planned to bury them after school. Law enforcement found his parents after their work had reported both had no call, no showed.

My selfish, asshole high school self was only worried about one thing… ‘Don’t fingerprint the shovel.'” — Eyeliveforthatenergy

14. A teacher was shot in the school parking lot

“The year before I got to my high school, a teacher was shot in the parking lot by her ex-husband. Turns out he had been cheating on her and she ended it which caused him to go into rage mode and shoot her. He’s currently serving life in prison.” — TrentWatts

15. A bus ran toward a group of students

“My high school had all of the usual scandals; nudes being circulated, teacher marrying a former student, etc. It was a big school and shit happened. One day during my junior year, all of us kids were standing outside of the school waiting to board our respective buses. As the buses started to arrive, it suddenly becomes abundantly clear that one of those buses is not stopping. Like this bus is going full speed right towards a group of kids. Luckily the driver turned as quickly as he could and he just grazed a few students who sustained some injuries but nothing even close to fatal, thank god. The bus continued down an access road and had to crash into a wall to stop. There were already some students on the bus from the other campus, but they were free of injury from the crash. The driver was also uninjured.

So as everyone takes a step back to register what just happened, a teacher sees a girl lying in the road not moving. The girl was hit by the bus and was in critical condition. Her leg ended up being amputated and she survived, but it was touch and go for a while. I knew one other kid had a broken foot and a girl I knew had her nose broken, but I think that was the extent of the injuries.

The school launches an investigation into the incident, and just from watching the whole thing play out, it seemed like an obvious case of break failure. This was not the case however, and that bus driver was put through the ringer. He wasn’t drunk or anything, but everyone still blamed him for everything. I think the school ended up getting sued for a couple million dollars. The last time I saw the bus driver he was morbidly obese and completely depressed. They never did prove he had anything to do with the incident, but he was already labeled as a pariah.” — convergence_limit

16. The lunch lady got caught selling meth

“Lunch lady got caught selling meth to students. My school was in a very white, very conservative, very wealthy town, so it was a huge shock to a lot of people.” — Youareposthuman

17. Two students poisoned a teacher

“Two students used Expo marker cleaning fluid to poison a teacher.

Also, one kid got caught fucking a horse.

Also, the girl who died in a car accident was voted worst driver.” — GlassThunder

18. She shot her own mother because she wanted to have sex

“There was a 16 year old girl at my high school who had a boyfriend who was 18. Apparently they wanted to fuck so she asked her mom if she could have sex. Mom said no. Girl got mad shot her mom in the head while she was watching TV. Then called her boyfriend over to her house. They went up to her room and fucked while the mother was lying dead in the living room.

I don’t know exactly what happened during the conversation between the Mom and daughter that caused her to shoot her mom, but the news article stated that the boyfriend and the girl were arrested at her house. The girl was sent to prison for murder and the boyfriend was charged with statutory rape.” — babosekey

19. I went to school with a professional hitman

“One of the students was a hitman. He ended up going on the run with his girlfriend and baby and got caught a couple years later in another country.” — ToadstoolFairy

20. A coach drilled a peep hole into the locker room

“One of the coaches was caught peeping in on the girls’ locker room. Apparently he drilled a hole and everything?” — Chainsawmascara

21. A teacher murdered her adopted babies

“My high school had a few. Apparently the debate teacher had been running something of a drug ring around school for years. The cheerleading coach was sleeping with a few (3) of the football players. And my economics teacher was framed by the Russian government for killing her adopted babies.” — mtnuglet4

22. We had seven bomb threats during one semester

“I went to a big high school (~550 people graduating class) so there were a few.

  • Dean of students (essentially assistant principal; 1 principal and 2 deans) forced into early retirement for possession of CP
  • 7 bomb threats in 1 semester (about 15 total throughout my 4 years)
  • Senior year a girl was busted compiling a list of people who wanted fake IDs (discount for large orders) because she was compiling said list on school computers
  • There was a guy who was involved in a homicide (he wasn’t the killer but definitely an accessory)
  • Last one that comes to mind is the Senior that was dating the band TA, she (student) was 18 at the time so it wasn’t illegal but definitely some hot gossip.” — dirty_hanzo_mains

23. A student stabbed a teacher

“A kid once stabbed the teacher at my high school, we weren’t even allowed to talk about it. Needless to say he’s still in prison.” — Funky_Nat

24. My teacher created a sex contract with students

“One of our maths teachers once entered into a “sex contract” with a girl when she turned 16. (Legal age of consent is 16 here.)

However it became evident that he had been talking to her long before she turned 16 and had traded nudes.” — FL-EtcherSKETCH

25. Our school barred a kid just because he had AIDS

“My high school barred Ryan White from attending after he was diagnosed with AIDs.” — Shemptacular Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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