This Is Why Old Souls Would Rather Stay Home Than Spend The Night Partying

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Old souls would rather stay at home, because they value lifelong friendships over meaningless conversations with strangers.

They would rather spend time with their closest friends — people that know the intricacies of their mind — than get to know a fresh group of people that will add them on social media but will never make plans to see them face-to-face again.

Old souls aren’t concerned about how others look at them. They don’t care it they’re called boring or accused of ruining the fun because they decided to spend the night at home. And they don’t care if they only have 100 followers instead of 1,000.

They believe in quality over quantity. They believe in genuinly experiencing happiness over tricking others into thinking that they’re happy.

Old souls find their happiness in comfort. That’s why they love to spend time inside of their own home, surrounded by the people and things that make them feel the safest. They aren’t interested in wild adventures or serious change — they just want consistency.

Old souls aren’t the type to party every weekend, because they don’t need the rush of alcohol to have a nice time. They’re perfectly happy relaxing with their favorite blanket as they read a book or share stories with their loved ones.

They find pleasure in the simple things in life. A cup of coffee. A warm shower. A handwritten letter. A hardcover novel.

Old souls aren’t afraid to spend time alone. They’re comfortable with silence. They use their free time to think about their life, to decide what they want from this world so they can work toward reaching it.

In fact, sometimes they actually prefer spending time alone. If they’re stuck inside of a crowd for too long, they need to step away to recharge. Although they love people, they don’t want to endure too much of a good thing. It takes too much out of them.

Old souls aren’t the kind to care about material items or the opinions of strangers, but they are still overthinkers. When they care about something, they care with all of their might. Their heart overflows with concern.

They’ll wonder what they can do to save someone from their awful job or to help a friend feel better after a breakup. When one of their loved ones is suffering, so are they.

They are always experiencing secondhand pain. They are always trying to come up with ways to make their loved ones feel more comfortable, to bring happiness to everyone they know.

They don’t want to be the only one in the room with a smile on their face. They want those smiles to spread, to reach everyone around them.

Old souls are the most caring people you will ever meet. They aren’t going to go out of their way to meet new people, but once you become a part of their life, they aren’t going to let you go. They’re going to treat you like family. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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