Nothing Sucks More Than Being Single

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It sucks to spend months crushing on someone, actively trying to turn them into something more than a friend, and then finding out that they just changed their relationship status and are dating someone else.

It sucks to get close to someone, to kiss someone and maybe even sleep with someone, and then wait days for a text that they’re never going to send because they aren’t ready for anything serious.

It sucks to be disappointed so many times that you actually start to believe that you’re the problem, that you’re unlovable and that you need to make a change if you ever want to find love. 

It sucks to have high standards that are never met.

It sucks when you take the perfect selfie or post a status about a promotion, and the one person that you wish would look at you isn’t paying any attention.

It sucks to feel like you’re the only person who isn’t in a committed relationship, let alone engaged with babies on the way.

It sucks to stay up every single night, daydreaming about someone you want to be with when you know that you never even cross their mind.

It sucks to constantly be reminded that you’re alone every time you turn on the radio and hear a love song or watch a movie with an unnecessary romantic subplot.

It sucks to see your exes posting pictures of their wedding day when you’re still all alone, feeling like you ‘lost’ the breakup.

It sucks to act like you’re happy for your friends in relationships when you secretly wish that they would stop mentioning their partner’s name every two seconds, because love isn’t everything.

It sucks to doubt your beauty, because no one has hit on you in a while or because you’ve been going through an extra long dry spell. 

It sucks to feel like no one good is left out there, even though everyone keeps telling you that it’s a lie.

It sucks to have cliches thrown at you about how there are plenty of fish in the sea and how you’ll find someone when the timing is right.

It sucks to wonder if you’re a skeptic or if love really is a lie.

It sucks to have other people assume that you’re unhappy, that they’re more successful than you are, just because they’re in a relationship and you’re not.

It sucks to feel like you’re behind in life, like you need to do better, just because you haven’t found someone to settle down with yet.

It sucks when family members ask you about your relationship status before asking you about your job or your education or your vacation plans.

It sucks that society is more focused on whether you have a ring on your finger than whether your career fulfills you or whether you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face.

It sucks to be single, because everyone thinks they know what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling, when they actually have no fucking clue. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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