25 Horror Films With Fucked Up Endings That Will Haunt You For Weeks

SPOILER ALERT: These movies have THE most fucked up endings ever created, according to people on Ask Reddit.
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1. Sleepaway Camp

“That one got me. You’re watching this campy 80’s horror movie and then all the sudden it’s like the ending to a completely different kind of horror movie. That. Was. Terrifying.” — Hysterymystery

2. The Ring

“You know, The Ring has a pretty fucked up ending.

SPOILERS: Her son accidentally watches the tape and she realizes the only way to escape death is to copy the tape and show it to someone else. The curse then passes on to that person. So she helps her son make a copy so he can show it to someone… her son asks her who they’re going to show the tape to…

Roll credits.” — RedditsInBed2

3. The Orphanage.

“I absolutely love this movie because the ending had an incredible plot twist that changed the entire vibe of the movie. Still horrifying and sad, but that ending was… different from any horror movie.” — whatawonderfullearl

4. Martyrs

“I’ve posted before speaking about the film Martyrs… And I will speak of it again I’m sure. You’d have to be pretty desensitized to not be haunted by the films last bit.” — SmilingFlounder

5. A Serbian Film

“MAJOR SPOILERS: I suppose A Serbian Film has a fucked up ending.

Pornstar man agrees to ass fuck a random ass on a bed. A man with a mask next to him fucks the woman with a bag on her head next to said ass.

They reveal the mask guy is his brother while the woman with a bag on her head is the pornstar dude’s wife.

Just as the main character is trying to emotionally absorb this cruel twist, the porn crew moves the blankets to reveal that the person he was having sex with was his son. Who is like five.

Then he and his wife enraged to madness kill a lot of the porn crew, and it ends with the family huddled on a bed in their house, they are killed by hired gangsters of the evil porn studio, then more porn stars come in to create more porn using their corpses as the director films it all with his camera.

Goodnight everyone!” — redfoot62

6. The Strangers

“The ending was brutal and shockingly sad.

SPOILERS: Basically these masked people break into a couple’s house to terrorize them. At the end they have the couple tied up to chairs next to each other and they take their masks off to show the couple their faces. The woman in the couple asks, ‘Why are you doing this’ to which one stranger replies, ‘Because you were home.’ Then they stab the couple multiple times in the chest and stomach and leave them to die. Basically the movie dies with a couple watching each other die for no reason. That one stuck with me.” — meathole

7. Hellraiser

“The ending of Hellraiser was pretty fucked up, to go along with the rest of Hellraiser.” — VictorBlimpmuscle

8. The Last House On The Left

“The ending (and the entire movie, if I’m honest) to The Last House on the Left is really fucked up. There was an original with a similar plot, but I saw the remake.

Obvious SPOILERS below:

It ends with the main antagonist with his head being blown up inside a microwave.

But the whole movie is pretty fucked up, and you kind of end up feeling good that it happens. Feel free to look up the synopsis if you’re unaware.” — lookalive07

9. Teeth

“I kept recommending this movie to my friends, but no one had the balls to watch it.” — lovelytrout

10. The Skeleton Key

“The Skeleton Key. This shit gave me nightmares.

SPOILERS for the ending: Basically her (the protagonist, a young woman) body gets stolen by an old woman who’s been stealing younger bodies to inhabit with her husband for decades and the protagonist is now trapped in an elderly body given something that paralyzes her and makes her unable to speak and tell people what this couple (the former old lady and her husband who already stole a body) has done. The last scene is her being taken to the hospital unable to tell her friend that it’s her, knowing that the couple is going to kill her. Which they did so they could keep the house they’ve been living in for decades.

The rest of the movie had a great build-up but holy shit I was not expecting that ending or to feel so sick and scared afterwards.” — glamress

11. Megan Is Missing

“Terrible movie, piss poor acting, but the ending disturbed me for days after the movie ended.

SPOILERS: Just thinking about that poor girl being buried alive in a barrel with her best friend’s corpse… It made me shudder and actually a bit physically ill. I think it had such a strong effect because although it’s truly out there, I’m sure there’s someone on this planet who has either done this to somebody before or who will.

It’s depressing and sickening all at the same time. A feeling of pure hopelessness and dread… and even though the acting was atrocious, I felt bad for the girl. Like, really bad.” — germancactus91

12. Salo

“SPOILERS: I mean, considering the literally everything up to that point, a bunch of kids being tortured and murdered while old dudes beat off watching through opera glasses isn’t that fucked up, but old dudes beating off to teenagers being tortured to death is pretty fucked up in itself.” — _This_Is_Stupid

13. Creep

“You think everything is fine and then it ends with a ‘thunk’ that you just can’t get out of your brain.” — mellowbordello

14. Ex Machina

“While they are not truly horror movies, Buried and Ex Machina both had pretty fucked up endings.” — FuckPSU

15. The Others

“Kind of surprised I haven’t seen The Others here yet. I usually guess the ‘surprise’ ending well in advance of the final moments but I got so into that movie–the sets, the clothes, the overall atmosphere–that I was completely off guard for the denouement.” — Super_Turnipt

16. Frailty

“Please don’t read about it until you’ve seen it.” — sculptedpixels

17. Cabin In The Woods

“I would have to go with Cabin in the Woods, that ending just fucking blew my mind with how fucked up it was.” — crackhappy

18. Sinister

“SPOILER: The fact that it’s kids always fucks me up but the daughter slaughtering the whole family while not unforeseen was still messed up.” — ScottySmalls25

19. Jeepers Creepers

“It is legit the only horror movie that scared me to death. Like I actually wanted to sleep with my parents after seeing that one.” — DragKweenMermaid

20. The Thing

“SPOILER: The ending is just a big ball of mind fuck because at it you have no idea if the two dudes left alive are still human … and then it just end’s like that. A classic of horror movie cinematic.” — kecaw

21. Eden Lake

“Eden Lake really fucked me up. It’s one of those films that’s great at building up narrative expectation and using it to twist the knife.” — TheToughBrets

22. Funny Games

“SPOILERS: The bad guy gets killed but all of a sudden his friend picks up a tv remote and presses the rewind button and the movie rewinds before his death and they get a redo and survive and kill the good guys.” — you-warm-the-globe

23. The Mist

“Not the same as the book, though Steven King said he preferred the movie ending too his own.” — Tedrabear

24. Saw

“The original Saw, for sure. Hands down.

I hate pure shock value/torture porn movies. Saw’s storyline justified its gore though. Such a good movie with a great twist if you go into it blind.

The sequels… ehhh.” — beepborpimajorp

25. The Wailing

“The movie spends almost it’s entirety cultivating a feeling of dread and hopelessness and then the dreadful and hopeless payoff at the end.” — TheProfessah69 Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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