11 Signs The Sex Sucks (But She’s Too Nice To Tell You)

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1. She never comments on your performance. She’s never called you a good kisser, talked about how hard you made her orgasm, or mentioned how much she loves that position you used. And if you actually ask her how the sex was, she gives a one-word answer that doesn’t feel genuine.

2. She has a habit of avoiding penetrative sex (or stopping you in the middle of it) and going down on you instead. Maybe she just wants to spoil you with blowjobs or give her body a rest. But maybe she wants to make you orgasm without having to feel you inside of her anymore, so she can go to sleep.

3. She’s never the one to initiate sex. Maybe she has a low libido. Maybe she’s shy. Or maybe she just isn’t interested in having sex with you, because she knows that she isn’t going to get an orgasm out of the deal.

4. She admits that the sex is painful. This could be due to a medical condition that she should see a doctor about — but it might also have to do with the fact that you didn’t foreplay with her for long enough, that you didn’t get her wet enough, that you didn’t get her ready for sex and rushed into it before her body was ready.

5. She never gets an orgasm out of the deal. While it’s true that you don’t actually need to orgasm in order to enjoy sex, it’s always nice to have one. If she never finishes, but always makes sure that you finish, she probably feels like she’s getting the short end of the stick.

6. She tries to rush through sex. If you see her glance at the clock every few seconds, or if she keeps pushing you to orgasm already, then she probably just wants to go to sleep. She probably just wants it to be over with and for you to roll off of her.

7. She keeps telling you what to do. There’s nothing wrong with a woman who’s vocal in the bedroom. It’s actually healthy to give and receive orders. But if half of the things she’s saying are no, don’t do that, stop it, then there’s probably a problem. You probably need to learn more about the way her body works.

8. She compares you to her exes. Yes, this is a douchebag move on her part, but if she’s trying to convince you to do what her old boyfriend did, she probably enjoyed sex with him more than you. Sorry.

9. Her noises sound fake. Maybe she likes to put on a performance because it makes her feel sexier, because it helps her get into the moment. Or maybe she’s trying to act like you’re doing better than you are to make you feel good about yourself.

10. She only sleeps with you when she’s wasted. Maybe she just needs a little liquid courage to feel sexy. But, really, she should be attracted to you when she’s sober and she should feel comfortable being naked with you while sober.

11. She always masturbates after sex is over (without you around). There’s nothing wrong with touching herself, but if she always relies on her own hands to do the job instead of involving you, it’s not the best sign. It means the sex isn’t doing anything for her. It means she has to finish what you started. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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