10 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone Who’s Flat Fucking Broke


1. They wish they had more money.

But they don’t wish for fancy cars and mansions with underground pools. They have more realistic wishes. They wish they could afford an Uber instead of taking a subway, to feel safer. They wish they could afford more than just a card for their mother’s birthday. They wish they could afford an apartment that allowed pets so they could own a dog.

2. But they aren’t jealous of the rich.

Honestly, they kind of like drinking cheap beer and eating at restaurants with 2 for $20 deals. They don’t really want anything to do with chandeliers and waiters dressed in bowties. They would rather keep it casual.

3. They can’t be as spontaneous as they’d like.

As much as they’d love to drop everything to hop on a plane and fly to Disney, that isn’t going to happen. They need to save up for the big adventures they take. They need to plan ahead, because they can’t tell their boss they’re going to be gone for a week with one day’s notice.

4. They feel bad when they aren’t working.

They love their days off, but they also feel guilty that they aren’t making money that day. They’re way too hard on themselves, because of the number in their bank account. They always feel like they could be doing more — even when they’re exhausted and putting in all the effort they possibly can.

5. They can’t just quit on a whim.

They’re definitely going to complain about their shitty hours and their shit pay. But that doesn’t mean they need to quit their job. They’re too responsible for something like that. They know money doesn’t grow on trees and that they have to work their ass off for it.

6. They’re still allowed to have fun.

Don’t criticize them for spending money on concerts or new shoes. They’re allowed to spend their money however they want to spend their money. Yes, they’re saving up for a bigger apartment and a new car — but that doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to buy little things that make them happy. They’re still allowed to treat themselves. They’re still allowed to live.

7. They don’t want your handouts.

They aren’t dating you for a free dinner or so they can spend nights at your apartment. Even if they’re running low on cash, they’re still going to offer to pick up the check, because they want to put in their fair share. They don’t accept handouts. They aren’t looking for a sugar daddy.

8. They don’t expect expensive gifts.

Don’t spend too much money on them, especially early on in the relationship, because it could make them feel uncomfortable. It could make them feel shitty because they can’t do the same for you. The best they could give you is something cheap or handmade and they don’t want to feel like they owe you something, like they’re relying on you to live.

9. They’re happy staying inside.

They would rather buy a bottle of vodka than waste money on $8 shots at a bar. They would rather stay inside and bullshit with their friends than go out to a club where they can’t even hear each other talk over the music. They would rather stay inside and save money than go out and waste money.

10. They’re honestly happy with their life.

They realize that money is important, but that it isn’t everything. Sure, life would be easier with more cash in their wallet, but they’re still happy, even though they’re flat fucking broke. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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