Turn Them On With These 10 Dirty Talk Tips

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1. Give compliments. Tell her how beautiful her pussy looks and how good it feels to slide inside of her. Tell him how delicious his cum tastes and how you can’t wait for it to fill your mouth. Make your partner feel like the most attractive person on the planet, because when they feel confident, they’re going to orgasm even harder.

2. Give encouragement. If you like what they’re doing, tell them in the sexiest way possible. I love this view of your ass. Keep moving your tongue just like that. Yes, yes, yes. Make sure they know how much you’re enjoying yourself.

3. Give orders. If you’re the dominant one for the night, tell them exactly what to do to you. Tell him to dip his head between your legs and eat you out. Tell her to ride your cock until you cum. Don’t be afraid to give instructions.

4. Get excited about the future. Tell her that you can’t wait to feel her pussy pulse around you as she orgasms. Tell him you can’t wait to make him cum harder than he ever has before. Make your person excited for what’s about to happen to them.

5. Ask rhetorical questions. Do you like my cock deep in your pussy? Are these neck kisses making you wet? Does that feel good? Are you going to cum? Ask them questions they don’t really have to respond to, because some people aren’t as comfortable dirty talking as you will be.

6. Ask actual questions. Ask them what they want you to do to them. Where they want you to touch them. Where they want to be kissed. Which position would turn them on the most. That way, you won’t have to guess what they’re thinking. You’ll know.

7. Stay G-rated. You don’t have to use R-rated comments like to turn your partner on. Tell them what a good kisser they are. Tell them how long you’ve been waiting to touch them like this. Any compliment is a good compliment.

8. Use single words. Harder, deeper, faster, God, yes. If you can’t form full sentences, then any of these words will work. Saying something, anything, is better than being eerily silent the entire time.

9. Be romantic. Tell her how beautiful she looks. Tell him how much you love him. Of course, only do this if you’re already in a serious relationship. It’s not something to bust out during one-night stands.

10. Make some noise. If you’re uncomfortable dirty talking, then just moan. Whenever you like what they’re doing, make a little noise. It doesn’t have to be loud. It just has to be authentic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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