15 Signs That He Sucks

Unsplash / Lesly B. Juarez

1. He’s the type of guy that will hardcore flirt with a girl — but the second he gets rejected, he’ll call her fat and ugly and claim that he never even wanted her in the first place.

2. He keeps doing that thing where he makes a mean observation about a girl — and when he gets called out on it, he plays it off like he was only joking even though he was dead serious.

3. He’s the type of guy that always talks about how women are deceitful liars for wearing makeup and putting on pushup bras and existing.

4. He repeatedly asks for nude pictures of girls that he barely knows. And when they turn him down, he gets nasty.

5. When he’s out with a girl, he ends up talking more to the waitress or the woman in the booth next to them than his actual date. Either that or he’s staring at his phone the entire time.

6. He’s a total hypocrite. He makes fun of girls for the half-naked pictures they post online, even though he posts shirtless selfies. He makes fun of strangers for the K-Mart clothing they wear, even though he’s never held a job in his life and uses his parents money to buy everything he owns.

7. He acts like everything you say is stupid. Like he knows more about every single subject in the universe, even the one that you majored in during college.

8. He talks shit about the girls that he’s slept with and the girls he’s dated. He calls them all psychos. Shares their secrets with everyone. Completely betrays the trust they once had in him.

9. He lies to get girls to sleep with him. Not harmless lies about how much money he makes a year. Lies that sting, like that he wants a relationship with her, that he’s in love with her — and then he sneaks out of bed the next morning.

10. He never apologizes for real. Whenever he says sorry, he’s saying it sarcastically or while in the middle of laughing. He has no genuine regret for any of the pain he causes.

11. He keeps lying, even if you’ve already caught him in that lie. Even if you know that every word coming out of his mouth is bullshit. He keeps trying to convince you otherwise.

12. He tells you what to wear. What to order. How to feel.

13. He treats his mother like shit. He treats workers like shit. He treats animals like shit. Basically, he treats everyone like they’re lesser than him.

14. He’s racist. Sexist. Homophobic. He’s everything that’s wrong with the world.

15. He cheats on the girl that would have given him everything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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