15 Men On The Sexiest Surprise Their GF Ever Gave Them (That They Suggest You Try Yourself)

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1. “I asked her for nudes and she refused to send me any. But the next time I saw her, she handed me her phone and told me to be her personal photographer. She posed on the bed and across the kitchen counters in her bra and thong. And then we had sex in both places. Best night of my life.” — Kevin, 26

2. “We were out on a date and in the middle of it, she tells me that she has crotchless underwear beneath her dress. Just walking around with her turned me on after that, because I kept picturing it.” — Rick, 24

3. “A couple of months ago, she bought a bag of sex toys and left them on the table with a note that said, ‘Pick one and meet me in the bedroom.’ Sexy AF.” — Alexander, 23

4. “Usually I’m the one giving her massages, so one day she surprised me with oils, told me get on my stomach, and rubbed my back for half an hour. Was great foreplay.” — Ronnie, 25

5. “It’s nothing crazy, but she hopped into the shower with me once and went down on me. Definitely wasn’t expecting it.” — Andrew, 22

6. “Every birthday, my girlfriend surprises me with anal. I mean, I guess it’s not much of a surprise anymore, because I know it’s coming, but it’s still a treat.” — Joel, 28

7. “About a year ago, she was busy every week at the same time and refused to tell me what she was doing. Honestly, I thought she was cheating on me. But then I found out she was taking pole dancing lessons to surprise me with. Even installed a pole in our bedroom.” — Brendan, 27

8. “We were out at dinner with her friends and when the conversation got boring, she dragged me into the bathroom and gave me a BJ to thank me for putting up with them.” — Criss, 24

9. “We were on a road trip, driving down an empty road, and all of a sudden she pulls over. Says she’s horny. And tells me to climb in the backseat with her.” — Jeff, 29

10. “After I received a promotion and texted my ex-girlfriend about it, I came home to her cooking my favorite dinner in a skintight dress that she usually only wears to clubs. She looked gorgeous. And the food tasted delicious. I miss her…”  — Jason, 28

11. “Normally, on Valentine’s Day, she sticks to traditional stuff, chocolates and cutsie crap like that. But last year, she bought me a set of handcuffs, some lube, and deep throat spray. And we used it all.” — Mike, 27

12. “She set up a date for me once. Took me to my favorite park and rented my favorite movie to watch after with some pizza and beer. Was thoughtful. And thoughtful is sexy.” — Phillip, 29

13. “She was drunk and gave me a lap dance in front of some friends. I think she surprised herself as much as she surprised me.” — Victor, 22

14. “I was in a meeting at work when she Snapchatted me pictures of her trying on new lingerie. Ended up masturbating in the bathroom.” — Craig, 26

15. “Honestly, any time she initiates sex, it’s a good surprise. I don’t need anything more than that.” — Henry, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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