13 Boys You Should Stop Wasting Your Time On

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1Boys that make you feel shitty. He should be encouraging your dreams, not making fun of them. He should be calling you beautiful, not making you doubt your beauty. Boyfriends are supposed to build you up, not destroy you.

2. Boys that are only interested in sex. Don’t convince yourself that he’ll want to date you once he sees how good you are in bed. If he wants to play the field, he’ll keep playing the field. Neither your body nor your sparkling personality is going to change his mind.

3. Boys that want to stay single. Don’t let him keep stringing you along. If he says he isn’t ready for a relationship, he’s probably telling the truth. Believe him.

4. Boys that are inconsistent. It doesn’t matter if he takes you out on the most romantic date one day if he goes MIA the next day. If he really liked you, there wouldn’t be large gaps of time where he disappeared.

5. Boys that won’t waste their time on you. You shouldn’t have to cancel your plans at the last second, because he invited you over with only minutes to spare. If he really wants you in his life, he can make plans with you in advance.

6. Boys that never text back. What’s the point in taking an hour to plan out the perfect text or take the perfect Snap if you know he isn’t even going to bother to respond? Save your energy on someone that cares.

7. Boys that lie about everything. If he’s lying about stupid little things now, those lies are only going to grow. They’re only going to get larger and more believable.

8. Boys that let you down. If he keeps making empty promises, if he keeps showing up late to dates, if he keeps disappointing you over and over again, then he clearly has no respect for you.

9. Boys that make you cry. You shouldn’t be moping up tears every night before you go to bed. He should be making you laugh, smirk, smile. Not weep.

10. Boys that give out ultimatums. Don’t give him control over you. Don’t stop wearing certain dresses or seeing certain friends, because you’re scared he’ll break up with you. Break up with him first.

11. Boys that treat women like shit. If he has century old beliefs about how women belong in the kitchen making sandwiches, you should save yourself the trouble and delete his number now. Relationships should be all about equality.

12. Boys that abuse you. It doesn’t matter if he’s physically abusive and hits you or if he’s emotionally abusive and calls you fat or a slut or a whore. Either way, you deserve better than that.

13. Boys that clearly don’t care. If you’re putting in all the effort, he doesn’t care. If he keeps flirting with other girls, he doesn’t care. If he ignores your texts and cancels your dates, he doesn’t care. And if he doesn’t care, you shouldn’t either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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