10 Things That Are Just As Sexy As Sending Nudes

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1. Sext him. Use your words to tell him how badly you want to taste him. How you can’t wait to take him inside of your mouth. You don’t have to write out full paragraphs about what you want to do to him. Something as basic as ‘I’m so wet right now’ should get him horny. 

2. Send him sensual pictures while you’re still clothed. Take shots of you bending over with your cleavage on full display. In tight jeans with your ass sticking out. With your lips plump and parted. You can make yourself look sexy without taking off a single item of clothing. 

3. Ask him to stop over and take pictures of you himself. Or, if you don’t want any record of you naked, just have him pretend to be a photographer while you strike sexy poses on the couch and kitchen counters. Role playing is always fun, and he can store the images in his mind forever. 

4. If you have nudes on your phone, but you aren’t comfortable sending them to him to save, show them to him when you’re out with your friends. Wait until you have a second alone, press your lips against his neck, and then casually show him the photo from off your phone. After that, he’ll be dying to drive you home to get you alone.

5. Send him sexy shit. If you watched a porno that turned you on (that you also think will turn him on), send him the link to the video. If you read a sex tip online that you want to test out, send him the article. If you found a new toy you want to buy, send him the info. 

6. Find a private place where no one else can hear you and try having phone sex. It’s a little more intense than sexting, because you’ll be able to hear each other’s voices and moans. You’ll even be able to hear each other orgasm.

7. Or send him a voice message over Snapchat, telling him about how you’re naked in bed or how you just got out of the shower and don’t feel like getting dressed. It’s less stressful than phone sex, because you can plan out what you’re going to say before you say it.

8. If you want to take it a step further, have Skype sex. If you’re too awkward to do a virtual striptease, then you can make a game out of it by asking each other questions and removing an item every time you get something incorrect. Make it fun instead of purely sexual. 

9. Send him pictures of the lingerie that you just bought. It doesn’t matter if you keep it on the hook or inside of the box, because imagining you wearing it is going to turn him on as much as seeing you in it. 

10. Instead of sending each other nudes to masturbate to, schedule a time to see each other in person. The only thing better than fantasizing about sex is actually having it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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