This Is Why Strong Girls Struggle To Find Serious Relationships

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

She has a hard time finding love, because she has a hard time dealing with people that are beneath her. People that cheat. People that play pretend. People that lie to get what they want out of her.

She’s too smart to waste time with boys that only want her for one night. She has too much love for herself to demean herself.

And, if she’s being honest, love is scary. She hates the idea of giving power to another person — the power to make her smile, the power to make her cry, the power to break her heart.

She’s used to having control. She likes to be in charge of every situation she enters. To know what she’s getting herself into.

But when it comes to love, it’s impossible to know what’s in store for her. She can’t predict whether you’re going to treat her right for the rest of her life or sneak off after leading her on. She can’t tell if you’re her future husband or a fuckboy in disguise.

The not-knowing, the uncertainty, the mixed signals — they make her feel weak. They zap her strength. Trick her into believing that she’s not as intelligent as she used to think.

That’s why she gets so frustrated when you don’t answer her texts. When you cancel plans with her. When you do something unexpected.

She doesn’t like surprises. She doesn’t want to wake up one day and discover the boy she’s been seeing for weeks isn’t who he promised he was. She doesn’t want the wool pulled over her eyes.

With her, what you see is what you get. She’s authentic. Original. Honest. She wishes boys would do her the same courtesy and expose their true selves (and true intentions) from the start.

In her mind, it’s not that hard to tell the truth. So when someone lies to her, even about something silly, she stops giving out chances. She decides that she deserves better.

She has such a hard time finding love, because of those strict morals. She doesn’t believe in lying or stealing or cheating. She doesn’t believe in being an asshole.

She believes that everyone has the potential to be kind. That everyone is closer to the side of the angels than the devils. But most people don’t share her beliefs.

Boys come to her with baggage. They have parents that divorced and exes that hurt them, which would be perfectly fine, except they can’t move past that hurt. They treat her like a criminal. Like she was the one that broke their heart.

And she can’t tolerate being treated like the bad guy. She’s been hurt too and she doesn’t take it out on them. She moves past the pain and clings onto hope. She thinks positively and pushes the negative thoughts aside.

She wants someone that thinks like her. Someone that will forget about their crappy past and work on building a better future with her.

Because she deserves that — a relationship where both people put in effort and tell the truth and love with everything stored inside of their hearts.

All she wants is someone that is as strong as her. Someone that’s a survivor. Someone that refuses to settle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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