Girls Would Go Down On You More If You Actually Did These 10 Things

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1. Give her oralThe more you give, the more you receive. Sex is meant to be a two-way street, so if you make her orgasm, there’s a huge chance she’s going to return the favor. But if you refuse to go down on her, why the hell would she voluntarily go down on you?

2. Don’t be a douchebag. Don’t push her head down. Don’t call her a dirty little slut. Don’t make her feel uncomfortable. If she has a horrible time giving you head, then she’s going to do it less often. She might even stop completely.

3. Eat right. Cigarettes and alcohol make your semen taste disgusting, which means she’s going to want to spit as soon as you finish. So if you want her to go down more often, keep a healthy diet and cut back on the beer.

4. Keep yourself clean down there. She doesn’t want to gag once she gets a whiff of you. Shower frequently. Spritz on some cologne. Practice proper hygiene.

5. Compliment her. Moan. Tremble. Tell her that she gives you the strongest orgasms you’ve ever had. People like to do what they’re good at — so if you let her know how talented she is with her tongue, she’ll be excited to go down on you again.

6. Touch her. Even though you’re the one receiving oral, it doesn’t mean you should just sit there. Reach down and touch her. Run your hands through her hair. Cup her breasts. Or choose to 69 so she can get an orgasm, too.

7. Trim. You don’t have to shave everything off, but at least keep your pubic hair tidy — especially if you expect the same of her. Besides, the more aesthetically pleasing it looks, the happier she’ll be to venture down there.

8. Actually orgasm. You shouldn’t feel pressured to orgasm fast — but definitely don’t think about baseball to hold off your orgasm, either. If it takes you too long, and her jaw starts to hurt, she isn’t going to have a fun time. She isn’t going to be eager to do it again.

9Don’t pressure her. If she’s not in the mood, she’s not in the mood. You wouldn’t force her to have sex with you, and you shouldn’t force her to suck you off, either.

10. Let her know you appreciate it. Don’t act like she owes you an orgasm. Like you’re entitled to it. When she goes down on you, make sure she realizes that you appreciate the work she put in. It’s a small gesture that will make a huge difference in how she views oral sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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