50 One-Sentence Sex Tips That Will Take Your Love Life To The Next Level

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1. Try to avoid having sex in the same place two times in a row.

2. Use sexting as a form of foreplay, so you’re ready to jump on each other as soon as you’re in the same room.

3. Stop turning the lights off whenever you get naked and let them see your beautiful body.

4. Stop rushing and enjoy every single kiss.

5. Don’t get wasted, because you’ll become clumsy and probably won’t end up orgasming.

6. Foreplay for at least ten minutes longer than you usually do.

7. Never ever fake your orgasms.

8. If you’re going to have anal sex, lube is a necessity, not an option.

9. If your partner isn’t doing what you want them to, or if their hands are occupied, stimulate your own body.

10. Do Kegel exercises to make your orgasms stronger.

11. If you get tired when you’re on top, it’s okay to ask to change positions.

12. Occasionally keep your clothes on and push your underwear to the side or just wear something crotchless.

13. Stop worrying about how you look, taste, or smell and enjoy the damn moment.

14. Use ice cubes during oral sex to enhance their pleasure.

15. Have sex in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself.

16. Make sure you’re sufficiently turned on before penetration, because it will hurt if you aren’t actually ready.

17. Whenever you get an orgasm, give an orgasm.

18. If you switch from anal sex to vaginal sex, you need to change condoms to avoid spreading germs.

19. Fantasize about the hottest sex you’ve ever had with them while you’re having sex with them.

20. Use pillows to prop up your waist, butt, or chest to help you create slightly new positions.

21. Remind your partner why you find them so sexy.

22. Actually ask for what you want instead of wishing they knew your body better.

23. Stop being so afraid of period sex.

24. Buy a vibrator and use it during sex.

25. Learn how to do a striptease or give a lap dance and then use the move as foreplay.

26. If you’re in pain, don’t suffer through sex — just stop.

27. Put on your old Halloween costumes and role play.

28. Learn how to make yourself orgasm — so you can teach your partner how to do it.

29. Have sex outside of your house for a change.

30. Watch each other masturbate as a form of foreplay.

31. Never feel guilty about saying no.

32. Always pee after sex, unless you want a urinary tract infection.

33. Initiate more often instead of waiting for your partner to do it.

34. Create a sexy playlist to listen to while you make out.

35. Don’t be embarrassed about using lube if you’re too dry down there.

36. Keep the bedroom, especially the bedsheets, clean.

37. If you’re not going to use condoms, go to the gyno and get the pill or an IUD instead of relying on the pull out method.

38. Talk dirty.

39. When sex is over, keep your clothes off and cuddle.

40. Be open about your fantasies and share your kinks with them.

41. Have more morning sex instead of only doing it before bed each night.

42. Go lingerie shopping together — and have sex in the changing room.

43. Always give them neck kisses.

44. Install a dimmer switch or at least place candles around the room to set the mood.

45. Don’t be embarrassed by queefs.

46. Pull your partner’s hair and scratch them on the back.

47. Read erotica together.

48. Watch porn together.

49. Make sure you both orgasm.

50. Don’t you dare do anything without their consent.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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