25 Scary Movies That Are Complete Mind Fucks

Need some movie recommendations? Well, according to Ask Reddit, these scary films will fuck you up.
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1. Martyrs

“Gory, disgusting, total mindfuck is the goal of the movie.” — NoRegardBeauxregard

2. Jacob’s Ladder

“That movie scared the bejesus out of me. Great movie.” — all4reddit

3. A Serbian Film

“One of the most messed up movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been the same after watching it. It’s not just a mindfuck, it’s a lifefuck.” — IBOOEY

4. Funny Games

“It’s awful and you keep waiting for the tide to turn. Spoilers… it doesn’t.” — royjones

5. Eraserhead

“When I found out my daughter was on the way, that had just made it to the top of my Netflix queue. Not the best movie to watch as an anxious expectant father, I assure you.” — GeraldBrennan

6. John Dies At The End

“I’ve seen it at least 10 times still leaves me fucked.” — professor_dangus

7. Mulholland Drive

“I’m now afraid to walk behind any Wendy’s for the rest of my life.” — Priamosish

8. Synecdoche, NY

“I saw this in the theater on a first date. I was shielding my face with one hand as I bawled my eyes out at the ‘house burning’ scene.” — 69sucka

9. The Mist

“The ending to The Mist will fuck with you.” — Hodoriferous

10. 10 Cloverfield Lane

“Fuck this movie man but it fucks your mind.” — the_artist88

11. We Need To Talk About Kevin

“It’s about the life and growing up of a deranged boy. Mind fucked me to a point where I might never want a child.” — JustaBabyApe

12. Creep

“The whole movie is one mindfuck after another.” — TheGeneralCrackers

13. The Boys From Brazil

“It’s a disturbing movie that only becomes more amazing when considering it was made about forty years ago.” — jthanson

14. High Tension

“Buckle up for that one.” — ColBernieSanders

15. The Others

“It’s a bit slow for a horror movie but the payoff is great.” — daltonamoore

16. Suicide Club

“Crazy Japanese movie.” — WhatIfThatThingISaid

17. The Poughkeepsie Tapes

“The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Philosophy of a Knife 1&2, Faces of Death (all of them).

Caution: Watch at your own risk, they’re graphic.” — princessmeggy

18. Predestination

“The only movie so fucked up that the protagonist helps, meets, fucks, births and kills himself. No herself… no… I don’t even fucking know.” — Jv_Catboy

19. Silence of the Lambs

“It was really my first primer into psychological horror and what got me interested in how criminals tick. The fact that Hannibal was a psychiatrist AND a psychopath him self was pretty mind fucking to me.” — pumpmar

20. Downfall

“It takes place in Adolf Hitler’s bunker during the downfall of nazi Germany. It was banned in Germany for being deemed to sympathetic to the nazis. It’ll mess with your head seeing Hitler portray as a human. Makes you question what it means to be human yourself.” — MyOtherNameSucks

21. Momento

“I just want to emphasize how mind fucking this film is. I mean the film moves backwards, fucking backwards, and still makes sense and everything you’ve just seen constantly changes after you have dug little bit further to the past. The movie is so well done, I’ve seen it at least ten times and now I have to watch it again.” — zHarrowed

22. Coherence

“Probably one of the most unsettling movies I have seen.” — apatheticpotatoes

23. Shutter Island

“Shutter Island completed screwed my head up. Went and read the book and it screwed me up even more.” — LegendOfZortan

24. The Conversation

“A forgotten classic. One of the best movies from the 70s I’ve ever seen.” — marcusmv3

25. Black Mirror

“The show ‘Black Mirror’ is pretty trippy. Couldn’t stop watching it. Season 1-3 took me two days.

It’s addicting as fuck because every episode is different. Different short film with a different concept. You get mind fucked in like every episode.” — Not_Very_Unique94 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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