22 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Have The Urge To Text Him

Read this if you’ve been dying to text a boy that you know you should leave in your past.
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1. What are hoping that he’ll say — and do you think he’ll actually say it or that he will disappoint you once again?

2. Are you going to feel better or worse after you talk to him?

3. Are you in a healthy state of mind — or do you only want to talk to him because you are drunk, horny, bored, and lonely?

4. Does he honestly deserve any more of your time?

5. Do you think getting back together with him (or sleeping with him or becoming ‘just friends’ with him) is actually a good idea or that it will only end in more pain?

6. Do you really want him to know how much you’ve been missing him?

7. Are you going to cry yourself to sleep if it turns out that he doesn’t answer you?

8. If he does answer you, are you going to overanalyze every word that he says and drive yourself insane?

9. Why do you think that he hasn’t been texting you — is it because he’s already moved on?

10. Do all of your friends think that it’s a bad idea to text him, that you should leave him in your past?

11. Isn’t there a part of you that’s happier, more relaxed and relieved, without him in your life?

12. Do you really think that the conversation is going to help you get closure — or that it will only make it take longer for you to get over him and officially move on?

13. Are you going to regret texting him the second that it happens and throw your phone into the corner?

14. Do you honestly think that he deserves a second chance after everything that he’s done to you?

15. If you did go through with texting him, do you even know what you would say to him, what you would talk about?

16. Can’t you text one of your BFFs and talk to her instead?

17. Do you think you’ll be able to have a mature conversation with him or that you’ll end up cursing each other out?

18. Even if you do have a nice conversation with him, what do you think is going to happen after that night?

19. Are you thinking about texting him because you want to talk to him specifically or because you feel like you have no one else to talk to?

20. Even if you pretend that you’re just casually saying hello to him, don’t you think he’ll see through your act and realize that you’re only texting him because you miss him and want him back?

21. Don’t you think that you both deserve to move on with your lives?

22. Is there another cute boy that you can text, one that didn’t completely shatter your heart? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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