16 Ladies Reveal The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Told In Bed

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1.¬†“I told him the usual. That he was the best I’ve ever had. Of course, I’ve said¬†that to every guy that ever got me naked, and it was only true once.”¬†— Lily, 27

2.¬†“I always lie about my number. Boys don’t like to know you’re in the double digits, which is bullshit, but I don’t like being slut shamed so I usually throw out a fake number.”¬†— Taylor, 29

3.¬†“I told my boyfriend¬†that I never talk to my friends about our sex life. Meanwhile, they know every place we’ve ever done it and every toy we’ve ever used. What can I say? I like to gossip.”¬†— Donna, 28

4.¬†“I always tell my husband¬†how big his penis is. It’s only average, though.”¬†— Alexa, 24

5.¬†“I swore to him that I’ve never thought about anyone else during sex. But it happens. Not all the time. Only occasionally. But I mean, I’m human. I’m sure he does the same thing.”¬†— Ginger, 22

6.¬†“I’m not as flexible as my boyfriend thinks. Some of the¬†positions he throws me into hurt like hell. I end up sore for the rest of the day — and not the good kind of sore. But I act like I’m fine, because we’re still in the early stages and I want to seem fun.”¬†— Amanda, 26

7.¬†“Okay, so the guy I’m currently seeing¬†asked me about my kinks and I left a lot¬†of them out. I didn’t want to scare him away. But if things get serious between us, I’ll definitely¬†open up to him. Otherwise, I’m only hurting myself.”¬†— Elizabeth, 23

8.¬†“I mean, I’ve faked an orgasm or two in my time. Does that count?”¬†— Cami, 28

9.¬†“I told an ex¬†the sex was amazing¬†when it wasn’t even decent. Big mistake. He ended up doing the same shitty things every time we had sex after that night, because he thought I liked them. Never gonna lie about that again.”¬†— Max, 22¬†

10.¬†“I tell everyone my tits are real. It’s not like I’m embarrassed about them. But some people are total assholes when they find out I’ve had surgery so I just act like they’re natural to save myself the trouble.” — Ashlee, 27

11.¬†“I once told a guy that¬†I watched porn all the time in order to look cool or something. But, really, I can’t remember the last time I saw a porno. Not into it. Too fake. Doesn’t turn me on even a little bit.”¬†— Karen, 21

12.¬†“I always tell¬†him how much I love the taste of his cum, which is¬†a total lie. I mean, I don’t hate it. But it’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth. I just tell him I love¬†it because it turns him on.”¬†— Olga, 30

13.¬†“For some reason, my ex was weird about masturbation. Like, he¬†wanted to be the only one to make me orgasm — but he didn’t even know how. So of course I masturbated. It was the only way I got off. But I kept it a secret from him so he wouldn’t freak.”¬†— Dani, 27

14.¬†“For years, my boyfriend thought¬†I loved anal, because I was trying to be the cool girl when I first met him. Eventually, I had to come¬†clean. I wasn’t going to keep letting him in the back door every night like he wanted. It was getting out of hand.”¬†— Candice, 25

15.¬†“I told this guy back in high school that I wasn’t on the pill, even though I was, because I wanted to convince him to use a condom. Sorry, but I don’t want any STDs.”¬†— Sasha, 23

16. “I don’t lie to my boyfriend about sex. About anything, actually. Doesn’t sound healthy to me.” — Kaylie, 26¬†TC mark¬†


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