15 Men On How Many Times They Get Hard Throughout The Day

God & Man
God & Man

1. “I couldn’t keep track even if I tried. Because it’s not just a horniness thing. I get boners, even when there’s nothing sexual on my mind. No women around. It just happens. It’s not always connected to sex, so if my girlfriend ever catches me with one, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Could just be a random one.” — Tyler, 19

2. “Okay, to be clear, I’m going through a severe dry spell. Haven’t gotten laid in over a year. So whenever I see a girl, especially in the warmer months when a lot of skin is showing, I instantly get hard. Even if I don’t find the girl all that attractive. It’s like I have an everlasting boner.” — Anthony, 20

3. “Well, I wake up with a hard-on every morning. And I get one whenever I have to pee really bad. So it happens at least a few times a day — not counting when I watch porn or anything like that.” — Aaron, 25

4. “It depends on the context. Like if my wife is cuddling with me in her flannel pajamas, I don’t get hard. Not because of the clothing. Because I know she isn’t in the mood. But if she’s being playful and has that look in her eyes, then cuddling gets me rock hard. Basically, it depends on whether or not I think I’m actually going to get laid.” — Trevor, 24

5. “Depends on how much free time I have. If I get the chance to masturbate in the morning, then my cock cooperates for the day. If not, then it’s up and down all the time. Can’t control it.” — Adam, 26

6. “Two or three times a day for me. It’s not as extreme as some women would think.” — Kenneth, 27

7. “I get hard the second my girlfriend kisses me. She’s so gorgeous. That’s all it takes.” — Ethan, 28

8. “Oh, man, when I was much younger I would get them at least ten times per day. But now I’ve calmed down a lot. Maybe three or four times? I don’t pay that much attention.” — Hunger, 30

9. “Not as much as I used to. I mean, I have to take a goddamn pill before sex now. Not a manly feeling.” — Austin, 44

10. “All a girl has to do is smile at me and I get half a boner — if I already have a massive crush on her, I mean. Doesn’t take much if I’m already thinking about her naked on a nightly basis.” — Jason, 20

11. “If my girlfriend rubs up against my dick, I get hard. Even if she does it on accident. But, then again, sometimes my clothes rub on me the wrong way and the same thing happens. Any little touch has the potential to trigger it.” — Ian, 22

12. “My girlfriend and I used to be long distance, so whenever I saw her, I’d be hard for the entire weekend. But now that we live together, I can watch her get undressed without getting hard. I still find her attractive, though. I guess I’m just used to her. I think of it as a good thing.” — Miguel, 25

13. “It really doesn’t happen a lot. The internet desensitized me, I think.” — Tanner, 27

14. “Hell, I don’t know. At least once per day, because I wake up with morning wood.” — Mason, 24

15. “It depends on my girlfriend. If she’s in a frisky mood, putting on her lingerie and taking out the sex toys, I’ll obviously get hard. If she’s not in the mood for the day, I won’t be in the mood. Almost like we’re connected. It’s probably because my body knows I’m not getting any unless she’s willing to give it.” — Douglas, 28 Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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