You Better Get Your Shit Together Because I’m Not Going To Wait For You Forever

God & Man
God & Man

I’m not one of those girls that can be happy without a label. Without knowing exactly what I mean to you and where our relationship is heading.

I don’t care whether you want to be my boyfriend or whether you’re using me to fulfill your primal needs. It doesn’t matter.

But I need to know our rules, our boundaries. I need to know what you think when my name pops on your phone screen or when I last the entire weekend without texting you.

Are you ready for something serious or looking for a fling? Are you only flirting with me or are there a dozen other girls on your contact list? I have no idea whether our ‘relationship’ is an exclusive thing or a casual thing.

Should I keep my weekends free for you? Should I turn down other boys because of you? Should I tell my parents about you?

I need to know. There’s no sense in keeping me in the dark — unless you’re trying to play me. Unless you don’t give a damn about my happiness, because you’re too busy focusing on your own.

All I want is an answer — but I don’t want you to tell me what you think I want to hear, because it’s easier than sitting me down and explaining your truth. And I don’t want you to string me along by avoiding the question.

Just tell me what I mean to you. It’s not that difficult.

Do you want me to be your girlfriend? Do you want me to be your fuck buddy? Do you want me to be the girl you flirt with over text but never meet up with in person?

I won’t judge you over your answer. Just tell me. 

I need to know, because trying to decipher every move you make is tiring. I’m sick of playing detective.

Do you really think it’s fair to keep me guessing? To hide your emotions from me, even though you know exactly how I feel about you?

If you want to be my boyfriend, then we can make this work. But if you want to be someone that fades in and out of my bedroom, I need to think about whether I’m ready for that. Whether I can handle being a warm body to you or whether I need to walk away.

Give me a chance to make that decision on my own. Don’t blindside me by pretending to be the person that I want, even though you secretly know that we’re on separate pages. That isn’t fair.

So stop sending mixed signals. Stop acting like you’re in a relationship one day and like you’re a bachelor the next day. You don’t get to be both. You have to pick a side.

You have to decide how badly you want me — or if you want me at all.

I can’t keep waiting around for you forever. So tell me what I mean to you. Or I’ll find someone else that will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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