Stop Bitching About These 13 Things Because Single Life Isn’t THAT Bad

 God & Man
God & Man

1. Being alone. You’re not alone — not even at night. You can sleep with your pet snuggled up next to you. You can sleep clutching the teddy bear your crush won you. You can sleep on your best friend’s floor like you used to when you were in high school. You’re not alone. You never are.

2. Being the only single one. Wait a few months and you won’t be the only single girl in your friend group anymore. It’s a sad truth. Most relationships don’t last decades. Sometimes, you’ll be the only single one. Sometimes, you’ll be the only one in a relationship. It depends on the day, really.

3. Feeling ugly. Believe it or not, there’s no correlation between beauty and relationship status. But if you need an ego boost, check Tinder. When you see the amount of matches you get in an hour, you’ll stop feeling bad about yourself. You’re hot. Get used to it.

4. Missing your ex. Even if you meet someone new, start dating someone new, you won’t magically forget about your ex’s existence. You need to get over him on your own time. No one else can help that happen — not even a rebound boy.

5. Getting asked the same old questions. Yeah, it’s annoying when your family members ask when you’re going to find a boyfriend. But if you were in a relationship, they’d ask you when you were getting married. And if you were married, they’d bug you about having kids. There’s always something. Always.

6. Feeling like you’re behind in life. Okay, your friends might be closer to marriage than you are, but aren’t you closer to landing your dream job? Owning a home? Finishing the first season of A Series Of Unfortunate Events? You’re ahead in your own way.

7. Dating in general. Yes, there are a countless crappy things about modern dating. But there are benefits, too. You have the freedom to flirt with anyone. To experiment until you find the person hidden inside of you — and the person that fits her perfectly.

8. Having no one to hang out with. Ice skating. Picnics on the beach. Carriage rides. Pretty much anything you can do with a boyfriend, you can do with your friends. It won’t be romantic. But it will still be a blast.

9. Being horny. You have a vibrator and you have a laptop filled with shirtless pictures of celebrities. So what’s the problem? You know your body better than any one-night stand ever will, so pour yourself a glass of wine and schedule a romantic date with yourself.

10. Being the third (or fifth or seventh) wheel. I know your couple friends look happy out at dinner, but at least one of those couples is having a fight and wishing they were you. Wishing they were ‘carefree’ and single again. Promise.

11. Being treated differently. If your couple friends are keeping their distance, then maybe the problem isn’t that you’re single. Maybe the problem is the type of people you’re friends with. They shouldn’t treat you like a pariah, just because you’re unattached. That’s insane.

12. Wanting children. You’re young. You have years and years left to reproduce. And there’s always adoption. You don’t need a man to have a child. Not anymore.

13. Being pitied. If someone looks down on you for being single, then they’re the ones that deserve pity. They clearly have a poor outlook on life. Skewed priorities. Anyone with a brain knows that love is beautiful, but it isn’t everythingThought Catalog Logo Mark 

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