He Should Still Like You, Even When You’re Being A Bitch

Twenty20, thewayiseeitblog
Twenty20, thewayiseeitblog

You shouldn’t intentionally treat your boyfriend like crap. He’s not your punching bag. You can’t do whatever the hell you want to him, because he would never leave you. Because you expect him to stay through your storms.

You should treat him the way he deserves — the same way you want him to treat you. You should make it your mission to be the best girlfriend that you can be, because his happiness is a priority.

But you’re not perfect.

There are going to be days when you’re in a bad mood. There are going to be days when you give him cold, one-word answers, because work sucked and don’t want to deal with anyone, even the love of your life.

And on those days, he should still like you. He should still be thankful to have you in his life.

He shouldn’t call you nasty names or threaten to break up with you, because you’re acting a little distant. He shouldn’t make you break down crying and feel even worse than you did before you got home, because he thinks everything is about him.

He shouldn’t make you feel guilty for having emotions other than happy and horny.

He should understand that there are times when you’re going to be angry. Annoyed. Upset. And when you’re in a crappy mood, it’s not necessarily a reflection on your relationship. There are other pieces of your life — which means your anger isn’t always about him. And, sometimes, there’s nothing he can do about your bad mood.

You shouldn’t settle for someone that sees you as a princess that can do no wrong. Date someone that sees you as human.

It’s dangerous to stay with someone that’s blind to your flaws. You should choose someone that realizes you’re imperfect, but loves you anyway. Someone that understands that you’re not always going to be the chatty, bubbly girl that he went on a first date with.

Because that happy go lucky girl is you on your best behavior — that’s not you every single day.

You’re real. You’re human. You’re flawed.

He has to like the depressed you as much as he likes the fun you, because you’re not perfect and neither are relationships.

It’s easy for him to love you on the days when you made out in the back of a movie theater and treated him to dinner and ended the night with mind-blowing sex. But what about the days when you’re on your period and are cranky and don’t want to leave the couch?

If he’s your forever person, then he’ll still love you on those days — just as much as he loves you on the good days. He’ll love your dark side just as much as he loves your bright side.

If you want a relationship that lasts a lifetime, you have to find someone that loves you, even when you’re being unreasonable. Even when you’re being a bitch. 

Because you aren’t perfect. And that shouldn’t be a deal breaker for him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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