50 Questions That Will Tell You If You’ve Found Your Forever Person

See how many questions you answered YES to and add them up to find out how close you really are.

0-10: Maybe your relationship is still in the beginning stages, or maybe you need to find someone new to date, because you only know superficial things about each other. If you want your relationship to last, you need to dig deeper. You can’t be afraid to expose your true selves.

11-20: There’s definitely a spark there, but if you want to make your relationship work, you both have to be willing to put in the effort. If you know everything about them, but they know nothing about you, the relationship can’t last. You need to act as equals.

21-30: You two are stable. You care about each other. And you’re happy. What more could you ask for? Unless something drastically changes, then you should stay together. Right now, you have something really great.

31-40: You two definitely have what it takes to last forever. Your journey is far from over. There are still so many things that you’re going to do together. There is still so much happiness to share. 

41-50: You’re the definition of an old married couple. You know your person better than they know themselves. You’re not going anywhere — and neither are they. You two are going to be together forever. No doubt about it.

1. Have you met their parents?

2. Have you seen them cry?

3. Have you been makeup-free around them?

4. Are there certain TV shows you have to watch together?

5. Do you spend the holidays with them?

6. Have you showered together?

7. Is your phone filled with pictures of them?

8. Do you see them (or at least talk to them) every single day?

9. Do you have an assigned side of the bed?

10. Can you tell when they’re in a bad mood before they say anything?

11. Do you know their favorite color?

12. Are you exclusive?

13. Have you spent the night with them?

14. Do you have set plans to hang out every weekend?

15. Have you exchanged I love yous?

16. Have you worn their boxers, shirts, or hoodies before?

17. Do you know how to make them laugh?

18. Have you met all of their friends?

19. Have you gone grocery shopping together?

20. Do you have a song?

21. Have you driven each other’s cars?

22. Do you trust each other?

23. Have you stayed up all night talking?

24. Do you know their birthday?

25. Have you told them all of your childhood stories?

26. Do you have any inside jokes?

27. Do they know all of your secrets?

28. Have you seen them completely naked?

29. Have you had a major fight?

30. Do you have an extra toothbrush at their place?

31. Do all of their family members know your name?

32. Do they treat you right?

33. Are you comfortable telling them anything and everything?

34. Have you farted in front of each other?

35. Have you burped in front of each other?

36. Have you attended a wedding together?

37. Have you deleted your Tinder?

38. Do you leave the door open when you pee?

39. Have you ever taken a vacation together?

40. Do they know your bra size?

41. Do they know your ring size?

42. Do you have nicknames for each other?

43. Do they know how to make you orgasm?

44. Have you taken care of them when they were sick?

45. Have they ever purchased pads or tampons for you?

46. Do you know all about their exes?

47. Do you share a house — or at least own a key to their house?

48. Have you ever popped one of their zits?

49. Are they your best friend?

50. Do you talk about spending forever together? Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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