50 Intimate Ways Men Want To Be Touched (That Have Nothing To Do With Sex)


1. Let him be the little spoon for a change.

2. Run your fingers through his hair.

3. Draw circles across his back with your fingertips.

4. Rest your hand on his thigh while he’s driving in the car.

5. Hold his hand and rub your thumb across his knuckles.

6. Gently stroke his beard.

7. Squeeze his bicep and then compliment him on it.

8. Use his chest as your pillow.

9. Kiss him on the shoulder.

10. Hug him from behind and rest your head on his back.

11. Cuddle while facing each other so it’s easy to kiss.

12. Sit shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

13. Sit on his lap while you’re watching television.

14. Nuzzle into his neck.

15. Accidentally brush against his body when you walk past him.

16. Sit in between his legs.

17. Give him a playful slap on his backside.

18. Give him a scalp massage.

19. Run your fingers up and down his arm.

20. Rest your hand against his chest to feel his heartbeat.

21. Squeeze his hand.

22. Kiss him on the side of the neck.

23. Let him be the big spoon and rub your butt up against him.

24. Rest your head on his shoulder when you’re sitting on the couch.

25. Cup your hands around his neck when you hug.

26. Squeeze his thigh.

27. Scratch his back.

28. Let your fingers trace along his tattoos.

29. Give him an eskimo or butterfly kiss.

30. Feed him a bit of dessert from off of your spoon.

31. Give him an impromptu foot massage.

32. If you’re still in the flirty stage, compare your hand sizes.

33. Drape an arm around his shoulder.

34. Help him button (or unbutton) his shirt.

35. Playfully slap his arm whenever he says something funny.

36. When you’re cuddling, grab his hand and place it on your waist or your butt.

37. Jump into his arms when you first see him.

38. Gently bite him on the shoulder.

39. Straddle him.

40. Lick dessert from off of his fingers.

41. Cling onto his arm while walking through a crowded place.

42. Let yourself linger during a hug.

43. Offer him a shoulder massage.

44. Pull him by the tie and give him a quick kiss.

45. Play wrestle with him as an excuse to get up close and personal.

46. Let him rest his head on your breasts.

47. Rest your cheek against his cheek.

48. Play footsie with him beneath the table.

49. Drape your legs across him.

50. Kiss him on the forehead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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