16 Women Reveal Their Favorite Toy To Use During Sex

God and Man
God and Man

1. “Handcuffs. I don’t like the kind without the fluff, though. It hurts my wrists and leaves cuts across them and then I get questions.” — Katherine, 23

2. “Bullet vibrators are life savors. Me and my guy like to have quickies, but it’s hard for me to get wet fast, so I keep that little baby in my purse. Take it out and use it. Then I’m good to go. It’s amazing.” — Sandra, 26

3. “Ice cubes! He sucks on them before eating me out so that his tongue is nice and cold when it touches my clit. Sometimes he’ll lick my nipples, too. The coldness feels… hot.” — Ashlee, 21

4. “We use blindfolds a lot. Not real ones, like that come in a 50 Shades Of Grey kit. We just put shirts or scarves or something across my eyes and then he’ll touch me all across my body. It’s nice having no idea what he’s going to do next. I highly recommend it.” — Robin, 22

5. “We have a bunch of board games. And sex dice. We’re bad at coming up with creative sex acts on our own, but the games tell us exactly what to do and we always accept the challenge. It’s tons of fun if you’re both open-minded.” — Samantha, 29

6. “A friend recently bought me a ball gag as a joke gift. But I used it with a one-night stand and I actually liked it a lot. I like being choked too, though. I don’t know if there’s a correlation between those two things, but it’s kind of hard to breathe with one in your mouth.” — Francine, 20

7. “My fiancé will kill me for telling you this, but we have a strap-on. We only used it twice so far, but it was sexy as fuck both times. I liked taking control for a change.” — Alicia, 30

8. “We have one of those feather stick things. I don’t know what they’re called. He bought it for my birthday last year. They’re surprisingly fun. I’m not much for rough sex, so this is a good toy for anyone like me that prefers gentle strokes.” — Tara, 24

9. “Okay, you’re either going to agree or think it sounds gross, but… anal beads. It’s the weirdest sensation and it feels fucking amazing. If you think anal sex is fun, then you’ve got to try these.” — Eliza, 28

10. “Oh my God. We recently bought a sex swing. I kept telling my husband it would be a waste of money, but he went ahead and bought it anyway, and I’m soooo glad he did. We’ve tried so many new positions with it. It makes sex a lot easier. A lot more fun.” — Lucy, 26

11. “I’ve never used any toys. Not even while masturbating. Never owned a vibrator or a dildo or anything of that nature. I’d be too embarrassed to enter the shops. I suppose I could order online, but I still live with my parents, so that could be awkward, too, when the box arrives.” — Candice, 27

12. “If you don’t mind a tiny bit of pain, nipple clamps feel nice.” — Chris, 24

13. “Rabbit vibrators, all the way! You get stimulated inside and outside. G-spot and clitoris.” — Sheila, 25

14. “I have a leash and collar that I wear. It sounds more intense than it actually is. If you like handcuffs, then you should probably try it. It’s similar. You get to be controlled. Act submissive. It’s hot.” — Rachel, 23

15. “I don’t think lingerie is technically a toy, but I like wearing it. I own about twenty pieces now. Some leather. Some lace. There’s a big variety out there, so there’s always something new to buy. And it keeps my man interested in my body.” —  Reba, 25

16. “Vibrators are the best, obviously. I don’t think there’s any women out there that would disagree.” — Heather, 21 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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