16 Signs That Your Person Should Not Be Trusted

Vince Perraud
Vince Perraud

1. They don’t let you near their phone. Whenever they go to the bathroom, they bring it with them. And when they text, they tilt the screen away from you so you can’t see what they’re typing. They don’t even like to show you videos or pictures on it in case a new text pops onto the screen.

2. They act completely different around different people. It’s like they can swap personalities on demand.

3. Their stories never add up. You feel like they’re leaving something out or are twisting details instead of just being honest with you.

4. They get angry whenever you start asking questions. Instead of giving you an answer, they divert attention by accusing you of being too controlling or jealous.

5. They’ve cheated on multiple exes. And whenever they talk about it, it doesn’t seem like they feel guilty.

6. They gossip about every single one of their friends. It doesn’t matter how close they are to someone. They’ll still make fun of them behind their back — which means they’re probably doing the same thing to you.

7. They can’t keep their mouth shut. Whenever you tell them a secret, they blurt it out. Nothing stays private.

8. You’ve watched them lie with ease. To get out of work. To get out of a ticket. To get out of going to a party. It seems like second nature to them.

9. You’ve caught them in small, silly lies. And when you’ve called them out on it, they continued lying. They refused to admit that they were being less than truthful.

10. They have a horrible temper. When they’re angry, there’s no telling what they’re going to do. They act irrationally.

11. They never go into detail. They’ll tell you that they spent the night with their friends, but they won’t mention where everybody went. They’ll tell you that their ex texted them, but won’t reveal what they talked about. They only give you half of the story.

12. They’re always hanging out with friends that you’ve never met. Friends that you’ve never even heard of until it was convenient for them to be brought up.

13. They have a habit of canceling plans. They never follow through on what they promise they’ll do.

14. You’ve been warned about them — from friends, from family members, from their exes. Multiple people have told you that they’re a liar or a cheat.

15. They don’t talk to you. When they know you’ll be mad about something, they’ll remain quiet instead of explaining everything, because they don’t technically consider silence a lie.

16. You can’t put your finger on it, but you have a strong gut feeling that they’re dangerous. That they aren’t the person that they’re pretending to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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