16 Girls On What Type Of Sex Gives Them The Strongest Orgasms


1. “I like rough sex. Spanking. Hair pulling. Biting. Choking. The works. It’s no fun unless the guy’s back is covered in scratch marks.” — Betty, 24

2. “Period sex. Hands down. Don’t say ewww. It’s amazing. I’m the horniest during my period and the blood creates natural lubrication. It feels great. And it’s not as messy as you think. As long as you put a towel down, it’s fine.” — Autumn, 26

3. “Oral sex, obviously! I just started seeing a new guy and he’s insanely skilled with his tongue. Definitely going to keep him around!” — Leah, 22

4. “Tipsy sex — which is not the same as drunk sex. Drunk sex sucks. It’s sloppy. But tipsy sex is only a little clumsy and very hot. At least, for me it is. I feel more attractive after a glass of wine or two, so it puts me in the mood.” — Chloe, 28

5. “Anal. My boyfriend still doesn’t believe me when I tell him that. He thinks I’m trying to sound cool or something, but I’m dead serious.” — Kaylee, 25

6. “How about sexting? Or phone sex? Basically, I like touching myself while talking dirty with him. His words turn me on more than his body does.” — Margaret, 21

7. “BDSM. Nothing too crazy. I just like handcuffs or ropes on my wrists. It’s nice being controlled (and then my husband is forced to do all the work, so I get to be lazy).” — Ariana, 27

8. “Does masturbation count? It sucks, but my boyfriend doesn’t make me orgasm half as hard as I can make myself orgasm. I don’t know why that is. It’s not like he’s bad at what he does.” — Anna, 26

9. “Public sex is hot. In the back of the car. Or in a bathroom, as long as it’s relatively clean. I wouldn’t want to do that every single day though, because the once-in-a-blue-moon thing is half the fun of it.” — Cindy, 28

10. “Umm… missionary maybe. We don’t do anything crazy. Just the usual positions. No toys. We keep it vanilla and I like it that way.” — Mckenzie, 27

11. “I like quickies. Before work. Or in the bathroom at a party. It doesn’t need to be long for it to be good.” — Mia, 21

12. “Everyone I’ve talked to about this apparently hates shower sex, but I’m into it. No matter what, I have to shower, so I might as well have an orgasm while I’m in there, right?” — Monique, 23

13. “The sex is best for me when it’s romantic. I need eye contact. I need neck kisses. I need I-love-yous. I can only orgasm with someone that I’m committed to. My mind and my body are intricately connected.” — Brenda, 25

14. “I can’t really answer that. I’m still a virgin. And not by choice. I haven’t been able to find anyone.” — Ariel, 24

15. “I’m a fan of roleplaying, because I’m shy. Like, really shy. It was becoming a problem. But then I put on a costume and pretended to be someone else, and everything changed. Boosted my confidence and saved my sex life, for sure.” — Carly, 20

16. “Oral. It’s the only way I actually orgasm. Unless I masturbate.” — Angel, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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