15 Boyfriends On How Often They Expect Blowjobs

Twenty20, katiekhromova
Twenty20, katiekhromova

1. “I never really expect them. Actually… that’s a lie. When my girlfriend’s on her period, and we make out, and she gets me hard, I expect her to blow me so I’m not stuck with blue balls.” — Andrew, 24

2. “I sound like a greedy bastard, but whenever we have sex. She always goes down on me as foreplay and I do the same. That way, we’re both turned on enough for the penetration part.” — Aaron, 21

3. “My girlfriend doesn’t do blowjobs. She never did. She’s only gone down on me two or three times over the ten years we’ve been together. But she’s amazing in bed, so it’s not that big of a deal, really. I can live with it. Wouldn’t have stayed with her otherwise.” — Phil, 28

4. “She usually goes down on me five or six times a month, but it’s not scattered. It’s a bunch of times in a row. Always during her period or right before her period starts. That’s when she gets the horniest.” — Sean, 20

5. “A few times a month, maybe? The days go by fast, man. We don’t always have time for it. We’re both busy. Honestly, if a few weeks went by without it, I wouldn’t even realize. It’s not like I’m counting.” — Ronnie, 27

6. “Do I have to finish in her mouth for it to count? She gets tired quick, her jaw does, so she’ll suck for a few minutes and then get on top of me and ride me until I’m done. I definitely can’t complain about it.” — Joe, 23

7. “Whenever I eat her out, I expect her to return the favor. I think that’s pretty fair.” — Logan, 25

8. “Never. She did it a lot when we first met, but now she claims she hates it, so… I haven’t gotten one in years.” — Ethan, 27

9. “She never gives me a traditional blowjob. Like, she doesn’t make me go from soft to hard to cumming by using her mouth. But she doesn’t like me to cum in her pussy, so I pull out and blow my load over her tits or straight into her mouth. She says she loves the taste.” — Jordan, 24

10. “Once a year. On my birthday. I either get that or anal. My choice.” — Eric, 26

11. “She used to go down on me once a month, but she recently read that semen is good for her skin (I have no idea if it’s true, but hopefully she keeps believing it), so she’s been doing it at least once a week lately.” — Travis, 29

12. “She sucks me off every Friday night like clockwork. I don’t know why. I don’t ask why. I’m not going to ruin a good thing.” — Edward, 25

13. “A few times a year. Nothing crazy. I feel like having sex is more intimate and that it takes priority over oral, so it’s not much of a concern for me.” — Noah, 25

14. “All right, this sounds fucked up, but whenever she’s had a few drinks. If she has too many, she’ll knock right out. But if she only had a few and is in that tipsy state, she’ll pull me into the bathroom of a bar and go down on me then and there.” — Devin, 24

15. “I don’t pressure her. I don’t think she owes me anything. I don’t expect her to do anything. If she wants to, that’s great. If not, I’m happy masturbating to the thought of her after she falls asleep.” — Spencer, 29 Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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