13 Men On How Often They Turn Down Sex When Their Girlfriend Is Horny

Unsplash, Max Bender
Unsplash, Max Bender

1. “Ready to get jealous? I turned her down once, because she wanted to have sex for the fifth time that day. I was worn out. Don’t think I could’ve gotten it up if my life depended on it. Other than that, I’ve never said no. She’s too hot to resist.” — Andrew, 26

2. “My girlfriend has a higher libido than I do, so she’s the one trying to wake me up in the middle of the night for sex and I’m the one complaining that I’m too tired. It’s not a fun feeling. I feel like I’m letting her down somehow.” — Justin, 23

3. “I’ve never turned her down. I want to be as close as possible to her as often as possible. And I’m always in the mood, so it’s never been a problem.” — Brady, 20

4. “I hate girls that get insulted when I turn them down. I’ve never turned down my fiancée because of her looks. I’ve only turned her down because I’ve felt sick or tired or stressed. It has nothing to do with her. At all.” — Dalton, 25

5. “The only time I turn her down is when she’s drunk. I don’t want to take advantage of her. Besides, she can get crazy when she’s wasted. She bites hard. Scratches. Leaves hickeys. I’m into rough stuff, but I don’t want to wake up covered in cuts that my boss is going to ask me about.” — Christian, 27

6. “I’ve never turned down my current girlfriend yet. But I had to turn down an ex of mine, because she wanted to use a strap-on and fuck me. I have straight friends that are into that role reversal stuff, but not me. No way.” — Nathan, 22

7. “My wife gets irrationally upset whenever I turn her down. She started crying once, because she thought that I wasn’t attracted to her anymore and that I was cheating on her. News flash: Guys aren’t always in the mood for sex. Most of the time we are. But not always.” — Logan, 29

8. “I turned down my girlfriend (when we first started dating), because neither of us had any condoms left, but she still wanted to go for round two. She said she was on the pill, but I didn’t want to take any chances.” — Ian, 24

9. “I’ve turned her down a few times. Mostly when we were mad at each other. Instead of saying she’s sorry, she tries to make it up to me with sex, but how unhealthy is that? I’m not letting it happen.” — Mitchell, 23

10. “I turn her down waaay more than I want to. I have health issues that make me feel tired all the time. And the medication I take for it lowers my libido. It’s just a combination of things. It sucks. She never complains about it, but I think it bothers her — and that bothers me.” — Austin, 21

11. “Never turned her down before. Then again, she’s never initiated sex before, so…” — Ryan, 25

12. “I rejected her a lot when she first got baby crazy. I wasn’t ready to be a father, and I knew that she was only initiating so she could get pregnant, so I kept turning her down. We have a little boy now, though. It worked out.” — Parker, 26

13. “My girl loves having sex in public, which is fine. I’m into it. But sometimes she doesn’t think things through. Like, I’m not fucking you in a changing room that has a curtain instead of a locking door — especially when there’s a line of women waiting. We have to be smart about it.” — Ruben, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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