12 Ways He Wants You To Be A Bad Girl In Bed

God and Man
God and Man

1. He wants you to swallow. Or to let him cum all over your chest. Your back. Your butt. Basically, he doesn’t want to finish inside of a condom.

2. He wants you to be selfish. Not entirely selfish, because he still wants to get off. But he wants you to touch yourself. Your nipples. Your hair. Your clit. He wants to watch you orgasm.

3. He wants you to get rough. He wants you to bite. Claw. Scratch. Spank. Don’t hold back, because he wants to experience your wild side.

4. He wants you to talk dirty. He wants to hear you curse. Hear you moan. Hear you whisper the naughtiest thoughts you’ve ever had into his ear while you ride him.

5. He wants you to tease him. As much as he wants to get you naked, he also wants to be teased. So do a strip tease. Kiss his thighs. Tempt him until he can’t take it anymore.

6. He wants you to use toys. Cock rings. Vibrators. Nipple clamps. Rope. Anything. He wants you to be comfortable bringing toys into the bedroom so you can both have stronger orgasms.

7. He wants you to agree to something taboo. Specifically, anal. If you aren’t interested in having him lube up and enter you, he at least wants to use his fingers (or his tongue) to play around with your backdoor. To him, it’s forbidden fruit.

8. He wants you to lie to him. Tell him that he’s the best sex you’ve ever had. That you can’t believe his cock is that huge. That he looks sexy AF on top of you. (And, if you’re with the right person, those exaggerated compliments won’t actually be lies).

9. He wants you to make noise. He doesn’t want to be stuck listening to the bed creak, because you’re staying silent. He wants you to moan. He wants you to whimper. He wants you to scream his name until the neighbors complain.

10. He wants you to take control. He doesn’t want you to sit there watching with wide eyes while he does everything. He wants you to order him around. To tell him exactly what you want. To tell him exactly what he should do to you — and give dirty details.

11. Or he wants to take control. Sometimes, he’ll want to be the one in charge. He’ll want to (lightly) choke you. Pin your hands down. Tie you up. He’ll want to have total control over you.

12. He wants you to be passionate. Even though you’re an angel during the day, once you lock the bedroom door, he wants the devil to emerge. He wants to see you worship his cock. He wants you to twitch at his touch. He wants to know that you’re enjoying his body as much as he’s enjoying yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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