12 Things That Will Make Her Lose Interest In You, Because She Knows What She’s Worth

1. Playing hard to get. If you don’t answer her texts, don’t make time to see her, and don’t put in any effort to show that you care — then what is she supposed to do? Is she supposed to wait by her phone with tears in her eyes? No. She’s going to move on.

2. Taking too long. She’s not going to wait for you forever. If you take too long to realize how amazing she is, she’ll already be done with you. There are plenty of other people that would love to date her now, not two months from now.

3. Pushing for sex. Don’t keep trying to reach under her shirt when she’s made it clear she wants to take things slow. Unless she’s only using you for sex as well, then she’s going to find someone that takes her more seriously. Someone that wants the same things that she does.

4. Playing it safeIf you keep talking about the same superficial things, like sports and sex, she’s going to get bored. She wants to know more about you. The important things. The deep things. If you keep her at arm’s length, then she’s going to give up on you.

5. Sending mixed signals. She doesn’t have the time to decipher every word you say. She’s too old for that. Too mature.

6. Treating her like crap. Roasting her isn’t a flirting technique. If you tell her that she looks good for a heavy girl or that she actually looks pretty when she tries, she’s not going to want you, because you’re kind of a dick.

7. Trying too hard. She wants you to be yourself. Not an imitation of her celebrity crush. If you try to say the right thing instead of saying the true thing, she’s eventually going to catch on. And then she’ll cash out.

8. Showing interest in everyoneIf you’re having trouble deciding between dating her and dating the twelve other girls that you’ve been texting, she’s going to make it easier on you and walk away. She didn’t sign up to be part of some competition.

9. Stringing her along. If you promise her the moon and can’t even grab her a star, she’s going to be disappointed. How can she trust you if you keep lying to her and canceling plans? She can’t. And she won’t.

10. Playing the field. If you only upload pictures where you show your abs or hold little red cups or have your arm around random girls, then she’s going to assume you’re a fuckboy. She’s going to assume you’re a waste of her time.

11. Acting like a brat. She doesn’t want to see statuses on your social media about how your job ‘fucking sucks’ and how your ex is a ‘crazy bitch.’ There’s no reason to whine and bash other people — especially online where the world can see. It’s immature and irresponsible.

12. Pushing her away. If you keep giving her reasons to leave, then she will. Come on, what else is she supposed to do? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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