12 Signs You Don’t Need A Boyfriend Because You’re Married To Your Work

Pexels, Public Domain Pictures
Pexels, Public Domain Pictures

1. When you’re out with your friends and they yell at you for glancing at your phone every five seconds, it’s not because a cute boy is on the other line or you’re swiping through Tinder. It’s because you have emails to check. You wouldn’t want the messages to pile up in your inbox.

2. All of your life, your parents complained about how you were too lazy and needed to get a job. But now they complain about how you’re always working and keep encouraging you to take a break and go out with your friends.

3. When you actually do go out with your friends, they keep talking about their love lives, no matter how many times you try to change the subject. But they think you’re just as annoying, because you keep trying to talk about the project you’re working on, or how early you had to get up, or the drama with your coworkers that they care nothing about.

4. You get insulted when people ask you why you’re still single. Can’t they see that you have other things going on in your life? That you’re doing really well for yourself? You wish they’d ask you about how many hours you worked this year instead of focusing on the whole marriage thing.

5. You actually prefer your weekdays over your weekends, because you have more to do. You enjoy being productive. You enjoy doing something worthwhile with your time instead of sitting around and trying to find something new on Netflix. Inactivity bores you.

6. You occasionally turn down invitations to go out — but not because you’re stuck at work. You could get out of it if you really wanted to. But you’d rather work. Of course, your friends would never understand that, so you usually fib about how your boss needs you there.

7. You get genuine joy from working. When you talk about your job, you’re not complaining. You’re bragging. You’re good at what you do and you’re proud of what you do.

8. It’s hard to find relatable things to talk to your friends about, because you’re used to talking to your coworkers. The people you work with have become closer to you than the people you knew since high school, because you’re always with them. They’re like a second family.

9. You can’t picture yourself giving up your job for a boy. Or quitting when a child comes along. Your work is everything to you. You can’t imagine anything mattering more.

10. You don’t really realize when the workday is over. Even when you’re out of the office, you’re always thinking about what you could get done tomorrow or are working on a project on your laptop. To you, all hours are work hours.

11. You could never date a guy that thinks your job is silly or tells you to stop stressing about it because it’s not that important. You need someone that understands how much your work means to you — or you don’t need anyone at all.

12. The idea of dying alone rarely crosses your mind. But the idea of getting fired gives you nightmares. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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