You’re More Than My Boyfriend, You’re My Best Friend

iStockPhoto, Jeff Bergen
iStockPhoto, Jeff Bergen

I never thought that I’d find someone that understood me — let alone believed in me. Someone that saw more potential in me than I was capable of seeing in myself.

And then I met you. You taught me that everything I believed — about love being fake and fickle and fucked up — was a lie. That all of my years of skepticism were a waste, because I was about to become a believer. In love. In you. In us. 

Before you came into my life, I didn’t think people like you existed. Even if I did believe it, I never would’ve thought that I’d be one of the lucky girls, one of the girls that got to say her boyfriend and her best friend were the same exact person.

I only wish there were a better word for it, aside from BF or BFF, because you’re so much more than a title. You’re my support system. My therapist. My drug. My cure. You’re everything wrapped up in one soul — the mate to mine.

You know everything about me, even the things that I didn’t want to reveal to another. Things that I accidentally spilled during drunken nights and dark conversations. But in the morning, when the regrets should’ve been seeping in, I felt guilt-free. I don’t regret telling you anything. I don’t regret letting you in.

Because you are inside of me now, buried deep in my heart and my skin and my soul. You’ve become a piece of me. An extra limb that feels like it’s existed all along.

I can’t remember what life was like before you stepped into it. I can’t remember ever feeling this strongly about anyone else — probably because this type of love was reserved for you. This feeling (of love, such powerful love) was dormant inside me, waiting for the right person, waiting for you.

And now that you’re here, I can let that love out. I don’t need to hide it, don’t need to play games, don’t need to pretend. We’re open with each other. We tell our truth.

And our truth is that I’m tangled up in you, but there’s no need to escape. I don’t feel suffocated. Imprisoned. Trapped. I feel safe, sheltered, like I’m the butterfly and you’re the cocoon.

You’re everything. Everything I ever wanted. Everything good in this world, in my world.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, because you’re more than the person I fall asleep beside. More than the person that presses kisses into my neck. More than the person that holds me close and shudders between my legs.

You’re the person that squeezes my hand when we’re in a crowd and my anxiety kicks in. You’re the person that convinces me to relax when I’m stressing about work. You’re the person that I rant to about my parents and whine to when a television show goes the wrong way.

You’re the person I laugh with, cry with, suffer with, love with.

You’re my person — my boyfriend and my best friend. And I want to spend eternity with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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