This Is What Your Handwriting Says About Your Sex Life

Grab a piece of paper and write, “This is what I expect when I sleep with someone.” Then decipher your handwriting down below.
Credit Ángela Burón
Credit Ángela Burón

The size of your letters

Small: You’re shy and submissive. After you undress, you want your partner to take charge. To get on top of you and make you moan. It’s not that you’re lazy and refuse to do any work. You just prefer it when they take control.

Large: You like to be the one on top. The one giving orders. The one that decides which position to choose next. It makes you feel powerful. Strong. Sexy AF.

Average: Some days, you’re submissive. Some days, you’re dominant. It really depends. You’re all about the give and take, so you don’t mind who’s in charge, as long as you get an orgasm out of the deal.

The shape of your letters

Rounded: You’re creative, which is why you like to switch things up to keep things sexy. Some days, you’ll pin your partner down. Some days, you’ll share a vibrator. And some days, you’ll ‘forget’ to wear underwear on your date.

Pointed: You like to stick to the basics. You don’t feel like you need handcuffs or blindfolds or lingerie. You’re turned on by your partner’s naked body. They’re enough for you, without any of those bells and whistles.

The pressure you put on the pen and paper

Heavy pressure: You like it rough. Hair pulling and spanking are your specialities. And you definitely aren’t a stranger to dirty talk.

Light pressure: You don’t fuck. You make love. You leave light kisses on your partner’s stomach and thighs. You look them deep in the eyes. You make the experience feel special.

The slanting of your letters

Slanting right: You get bored easily, so you don’t want to get into missionary each and every night. You want to try new positions. New locations. New moves.

Slanting left: You don’t mind routine, but every once in a while, you like to be adventurous. To have sex in a new room of the house or to make out in the middle of the mall. You don’t need excitement all the time, but you need it some of the time.

No slants: You’re pretty conservative. You aren’t interested in having sex in public or watching porn alongside your partner. You just want to have sex in the privacy of your own home.

The type of handwriting you chose

Cursive: To you, sex is a piece of poetry. It’s meaningful. Celestial. That’s why you only have sex with people that you’re serious about forming a long-term relationship with.

Print: You’re a realist. You know that sex is animalistic. An urge. You’ve had sex that meant a lot to you, but you’ve also had sex with near-strangers. You don’t think there’s anything wrong with one-night stands or FWBs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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